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Sponsor a Hound

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* Sponsor a Hound:

Please leave the name and address of the recipient if this is a gift:

Sponsor a BRNGB Hound

How about the gift of sponsoring a Hound this Christmas

What is my sponsorship money used for?

Your sponsorship contributions are used for all the Hounds in our care.

The money also goes towards vet bills, behavioural needs, training courses, and of course making sure our Hounds have everything they need to find their happy ever after.  Every penny goes to the Hounds.

Any money received via gifts will be used for the Hounds in our care.  Unfortunately you cannot pick a Hound as our ultimate goal is that they find their forever home as quickly and safely as possible.  We want our Hounds settled in their own homes as soon as they are fit, physically and mentally to do so.

What do I get?

We will either send to you for you to send on to the recipient, or you can email us the details of the recipient and we will send to them directly:-

A thank you card and a gift (dependant on the gift option you have chosen for them)  

  • £5.00 Thank you card and Key ring
  • £10.00 Thank you card and Pen
  • £15.00 Thank you card and Car Sticker
  • £25.00 Thank you card, Pen and Car Sticker
  • £30.00 Thank you card, Pen, Car Sticker and Key ring

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