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When one became nine...

When one became nine

Over the years, we've taken in a few bassets who we have suspected may be pregnant, and we've spent a few panicky days hoping for the best! Up until now that is!!

We are delighted (and still a bit shocked and overwhelmed!) to announce and introduce to you, our very first litter of puppies into our BRNGB family! Our beautiful Millie successfully birthed 8 healthy puppies!

We are absolutely indebted to our fabulous foster mum and midwife, Sandra (her name has been changed due to us all wanting to ensure her and the puppies' safety, if you do know her, please refrain from commenting it.) who has absolutely outdone herself and we are SO proud of her! Her commitment to Millie and her pups has been nothing short of incredible.

Sandra has written this first instalment of Millie's story…read on, and wait for the next part, coming soon! 

Beautiful Millie

 "I KNOW being a basset foster mum means I can expect the odd curveball, piddle on the floor, separation anxiety, meeting the hound of your dreams... but nothing prepared me for beautiful Millie.

Ms Millie came into BRNGB's care in early April. She's a beautiful, a tiny, longhaired girl, with the sweetest nature. However, as I looked at her, I just kept feeling there was something a bit "off". On the Monday, we went straight to the vet, convinced the poor girl had a nasty UTI. Coming from a "boarding kennel" situation, via another rescue, I knew she wasn't housetrained, but I had been riding the mop all weekend. She also got up for toilet breaks at least twice a night. The vet took a blood sample and a wee sample, and I asked her to please just check that Ms Millie wasn't packing passengers. The vet felt her tummy, and said there was nothing, but we agreed to do a scan a week later "just to be sure". The vet rang later to say all the bloods and urine tests were clear and suggested delaying the scan another week, not wanting us to waste money.

Days later, I was stroking Millie's side and thought I felt something move under my hand - but was I just imagining it? The next day, I thought I saw movement in her belly. The girls at BRNGB were fantastic and arranged for a woman with a mobile scanner to come to my house that Thursday evening. It was confirmed. Millie was going to be a mummy – to at least six, and pretty soon!

Again, the girls sprang into action, Box loads of whelping equipment started arriving from Amazon. My neighbours must have thought I'd won the lottery, as huge box followed massive carton to the front door. Jo Bloyce drove over to see me with sympathy, chocolates and beer, and we agreed, that she would come back when the puppies were being born.

Honestly, I was in shock. I set to, washing vet bedding, old towels and blankets. I started feeding Millie more, the poor love was desperately hungry, and asked a good friend to be on standby to take my own hound for a holiday, to avoid any issues. Everything was pouring in from Amazon, except, worryingly, the whelping box – well, I was worried, as Millie sought out her own place under some decking in the garden!

Beautiful Millie

 On Monday, Millie became really restless and after I stopped her getting to the decking, she was clearly looking for other nesting spots. Finally, the whelping box arrived and was assembled ready for use by 2.30pm. At 11:30pm that night, I woke up to the sound of a squealing puppy. I rang Jo who came hurtling across county lines in an impressive time – I just hope the speed cameras were off that night – and we then spent the next five hours watching the miracle of new life arriving (with the odd kip in between).

Millie was a pro. She knew exactly what to do, but as the night wore on, she became exhausted to the point where when one baby arrived, she didn't even notice. She quickly took over when shown. There was quite a gap between the 6th and 7th baby, while Millie got some rest. In fact, Jo was about to get her coat on to leave thinking we were done, when number seven started to arrive, but got stuck. As two first-time canine midwives, already feeling pretty overwhelmed, we knew exactly what to do – we rang the vet. The vet was not 100% pleased to hear from us at 5am, but her advice was succinct "can't you just pull it out?". So I did. The final puppy arrived in a rush straight afterwards.

The birthday morning jumble!

 So there they were: Samuel, Sammi, Joe, Louise, Dawn, Cuthbert, Arthur and Dog. Due to the urgency and concerns for Millie and her pup's welfare, BRNGB didn't issue a wish list for Millie's confinement. If you could find it in your heart to send a little retrospective help, please donate!"

Proud Mama
Feeding time!

Aren't they the most beautiful puppies you have ever seen? We are all so in love with them all! 5 boys and 3 girls! 

We would also like to thank a few of our friends and fellow BRNGB foster team members who have been a massive help to us all whilst we were trying to get things sorted for Millie and Sandra, and who have been amazing in their time and support for us all. You know who you are!

4 days old
9 days old

If you would like to donate to help us support Millie and her babies, you can donate through our website, following the link below, please reference your donation 'Millie'. As always, we are humbled by your support.


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We understand that there will be an enormous amount of interest in the puppies, we respectfully ask that you DO NOT enquire about the availability of them, via email or message as they will NOT be responded to.


Celebrating Molly and Milo!
Tia and Jager

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