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What we did in our summer holidays...

Hello everyone!

The title of this blog is a bit tongue in cheek! There hasn't been much in the way of holidaying for us here at BRNGB this summer, we have been exceptionally busy! 

We must start with a big Thank You to all of our volunteers, especially over the last few months. Fosterers, you have responded to our calls to take dogs at very short notice, and our transporters have been all over the country, whizzing dogs to their new homes. Everyone has been brilliant, you've dropped your plans and helped us out so much. You're all amazing.

Here's a little run down of all our news...

New Faces

We are sure you all know of Demi Stroud, or you may know her basset, Barry, better than her! We are delighted to welcome her onto the BRNGB team as our Northern fundraising co-ordinator, to organise more events for all our supporters in the North, and to help Gillian and ourselves to organise the bigger events together. We know she will be a huge success, we went to Barry's party in June which was an amazing affair, so we know she will pull out all the stops! We hope you'll support her in all that she does.

If you'd like to contact her directly, you can on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


It's been good to see so many of us getting together over the summer on all of the basset waddles that have taken place. Thank you so much to all of the walkers who have donated to us. You can keep up to date with the waddles on our dedicated waddle page, Basset Walks and Fun Days UK. Please feel free to add any waddle or get together you might have planned on there.

Martin Puddifer's Half Marathon

Well....after months of training...pounding the streets of Newark, our wonderful friend Martin completed his half marathon on the 14th August. He raised over a massive £575 for us! That's incredible! We can't begin to tell you how thankful we are Martin, we hope it was worth the blisters! Thank you for choosing us as your Charity!

Siobhan's Tough Mudder

She didn't give herself much time to train, or to fundraise, but our good friend Siobhan, aka Chevvers, still did it and raised a whopping £60! How great is that? She's set her sights on the full course next year, so watch this space...

Thank you so much for choosing us as your charity! 

Lenny and Edie's Birthday Party

On the 7th August, there was a special party held for Lennie and Eddie's 2nd Birthday at Action Petz in Cardiff! A raucous afternoon was had with lots of bassets and cake! A total of £168.25 was raised, from the entry and a pig snout raffle! Yum...lots of drooly bassets wanted to win that, I'm sure! 

Thank you to all who attended the party, it was really good fun. Thank you also to Basset Mum Kim, for choosing us to receive the amount raised, we are very grateful.

Recent rehomes

We have been busy! These are the dogs who have recently hit the jackpot and found their forever homes!


Elvis is now living in his own Animal Rescue! He's having a wonderful life with his new owners in Royston.


Rufus settled so well with foster mum Wendy and basset sibling Lloyd, that he decided to stay! Loving life in Northumberland!


Now, dear Presley has won the lottery of life, living in a pub in Yorkshire with Hayley and her family! The next round is on him!

Ronnie and Reggie

The dear "Kray" twins have finally learned some manners and have found the perfect home with Maria and Mark in Berkshire.

Forthcoming Charity Events

Gillian's Wolf Run

BRNGB's very own fundraising Co-ordinator Gillian is gearing up to do this event...dressed as a basset hound! Now if that isn't worth a few of your pennies, I don't know what is! Please support, her, she works so tirelessly for us, and we really would be lost without her. Follow the link below to read her story on her Just Giving page.

 Gillian's Just Giving

Thank you so much for your support.

Dog's Day Out

Sunday, September 4th, we are at this great event in Pembrey, West Wales, with our pink gazebo and our massive tombola! Please come along and support us if you can!

Dog's Day Out


The night before, on the 3rd September there will be a barbecue held at Houndy HQ in Newport. Please contact us here if you would like to come.

Howl-O-We'en Party

Please join us in West Yorkshire on the 22nd October for a super scary party, fun for all the family...especially hounds! Fancy dress is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged! There will be games, raffles, competitions, food stalls and prizes galore!

Tickets are £5 a family (4people and 2 hounds) with additional dogs charged at £1 a hound to cover the cost of snacks. Activities are all free to enter, and there will be prizes and Hallowe'en snacks too! It's going to be spooktacular! Our brand new Fundraising Co-ordinator (North) Demi is organising this one, so please go along and support her if you can.

Annual General Meeting 2016

If you are too far from the Howl-O-We'en party, you are most welcome to attend our Annual General Meeting in Newport, Wales at 4pm on the 22nd October 2016. We will be having drinks and nibbles after the meeting, please let us know if you are able to come.

Christmas Party 2016

It's all being planned as we speak, look on the event to find the latest details and how to get your ticket. This year the event will be TICKET ONLY, purchased before the event, as last year, it was a little too popular for the venue in the end. Friend to BRNGB Debbie Smith is  the main organiser, huge thanks to her! We are in a pretty central location this year in Northampton, so, no excuses...we hope to see you all there!

Christmas Party

I'm sure that's enough to keep everyone amused for the next few months! We hope you enjoy the coming Autumn with your families, and of course, your hounds.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.



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