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Transporting, could you do it?

We have a group of Transport Angels that help transport hounds come into the BRNGB family. 

They are dotted all over the country from the depths of Scotland to the coast of Cornwall and they donate as much time, miles and smiles as they can to help surrendered Hounds get tot their foster homes. 

These Angels are the first people that the hounds will meet, in what is probably the most confusing day of their lives.  

You don't need anything special to be a Transport Angel, time, compassion, love and understanding of the basset hound, and of course equipment to ensure you are in compliance with the Highway Code so you and the hound are safe and secure. 

We asked some of our Angels to explain why they transport, together with a few pictures of the hounds on their travels 

You have the full support of the team who are with you remotely the whole journey, you get to meet other volunteers, more importantly you get to help the hounds.  We also pay mileage.......and we don't put trackers on your car despite what some think

If you think you could transport for us, the link is at the bottom for the application 

A picture speaks a thousand words ❤️‍ How could you not want to help these beautiful hounds to a loving future!! 

Too many reasons to list! For me it's knowing I am actually making difference towards a betterment for the hounds. It's emotional in lots of ways and heartbreaking (Berkeley ) but I gladly take it on the chin knowing we are doing it for them. Also, the chance to drive off in to the sunset Thelma and Louise style without Jo knowing (despite the 37 GPS trackers I'm convinced she has secreted on my car)

I've only done one so far! But it was a good one! This lovely girl ( my mum in the front enjoys the ride out!)

Transporting gives us a a fantastic feeling that we have helped the charity , by giving up a small amount of our spare time we have made a huge difference to that rescue basset looking for his/her forever home .

I love it, it's a great reason to meet so many hounds and also know you are getting to their safe space.

My hardest one to do was picking up a baby hound from his surrender, it taught me need to just focus on getting the dog safe regardless of your thoughts on how they have been treated, ultimately the people have at least done right thing surrendering them.

I love seeing all the different personalities of the hounds, I do have particular favourites, one because she refused to get out my car (but Jo Bloyce said this was not a sign I could just take her home instead ) and the other because I kept talking to her and she just kept side eyeing me the whole time .

My happiest, albeit most stressful was our Poppy's 5hrs in the car just her and I, she escaped her belt on the M6, then pee'd all over my cardigan on the back, but we bonded and we got our princess after my demands to her foster mum were taken on board x

Being able to be with dogs in their most uncertain and upsetting time. Trying to reassure them that the only way is up! Sure, there's sometimes some poo, but these faces make up for it!!

It's a privilege to be part of such a fantastic dedicated team of volunteers. We've been transporters for a while, though only managed to be involved in one as yet. It is heartbreaking to see the sad situations that some of these dogs are coming from, but so rewarding to know that you are helping to make a difference to their lives. The work that goes on behind the scenes in order for that to happen is phenomenal 

We recently did a transport run for two lovely boys,taking them part way safely to their fabulous foster homes . It's very rewarding for us , the feeling of 'giving something back' and helping the breed we love on their journeys , feeling a valued member of a team is a wonderful and empowering thing. There was also a bonus for me- I roped /conned my foster daughter in to helping too - this 19 yr old would've been glued to her phone in her pyjamas all day doing absolutely nothing- instead she sat with them in the back seat offering comfort ,attention and cuddles. She keeps asking now if there are any updates on them ,to me that's priceless 

My very first Transport. Betsy It's the knowledge we're the first piece of the jigsaw to getting Hounds to happy ever afters. And of course, the banter

I don't get to do as many as I'd like (just because so many help already in my area) but I love to help get the hounds to their future. To tell them it will all be okay. I adopted 2 of my 3 hounds and wanted to do more to help. This was one of my favourite transports. He snuggled onto my lap and cuddled me for half hour before I drove onto the next point (which was nearly my house as I loved him!)

We transport as it is the best way we can love and support BRNGB and the dogs coming into our care. It can be difficult handing the lovely dogs over to their foster or forever families but knowing they are going to be cared for and loved is enough to ensure we can continue doing this.

Although it's sad that someone has too give up their family pet and the two occasions that I've collected hounds from their owners it was very much upsetting but I do it because I know the hounds will have the best chance at a decent life from that day forward.

It feels good to be a part of journey, to give a comforting word or stroke to the scared little dog in your care for that short time. It's also lovely to get to meet other people in the BRNGB family

I'm fairly new to transporting but I have a love for the breed and understanding for owners who have to make difficult choices for their hounds. I'm a small part of a team who work hard to get hounds settled into amazing foster homes and their forever homes. It's nice to be part of that journey and lovely to meet fellow BRNGB volunteers who love bassets as much as I do.

We transport because it gives something back to all those Bassets out there who are for what ever reason looking for a warm safe and loving home. We lost our little girl in 2017. They broke the mould when she was born and so we decided not to have another basset. 

The transporters are the first step in getting these hounds the forever homes they need and deserve. I do it because a couple of hours of my time, can change the life of these hounds forever. It's my way of giving something back to the charity that have me my Nancy pup, and I'm a crazy dog lady who likes chatting away to the confused hounds riding in my car! 

I started transporting because an unexpected allergic reaction had led to me giving up a basset puppy of my own (working responsibly with her breeder) and I saw transporting as an opportunity to explore whether I was allergic to all bassets or just some, in the hope that I might some day be able to live with a basset again. I enjoy driving anyway and this is a great way for me to be able to support the BRNGB, help bassets find good homes and spend a little time with them on the way.

It's knowing and reassuring, generally very upset and guilt ridden owners, that they are doing the right thing and that BRNGB are the best at caring for their hounds

We love to transport houndies, we have always had 3 Bassets but enjoy helping those in need it's also nice to meet other Transporters to put faces to names. 

We love to transport cos we know they are going to a new life and will be loved and spoiled in their forever homes,all the hounds have different personalities,I get to sit in the back with them and get lots of snuggles, we have had a few smelly ones but our foster Lara has got to be the smelliest so far, but she has a great character.

Transporting makes me feel like I'm part of a bigger team. I love meeting the different hounds and makes me feel a small part of their new life. I've made some good friends transporting too! My first transport (failed miserably )

It's a little thing you can do to help this amazing network of like minded people to get rescue hounds to a safe environment. The long term outcome of this usually means a hound finds a new loving home- what's not to like.



The Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain Transporter Application

We look forward to welcoming you to the Transporting Angels 


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