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Today is the day

Exactly 5 weeks and 1 day ago, this very sad, poorly, at the foot of rainbow bridge, boy came into BRNGB. 


We were determined to help him get healthy. 

He showed our transporters how much love he had to give. 

He stole hearts across the nation. 

Then 4 weeks and 3 days ago we were told the devastating news, there was nothing we could do for this boy. 

The cancer was too advanced. Removal of the tumour was not an option. 

The infection in his ear was too much for him to fight; we were to wait for him to tell us he was ready to cross that bridge. 

His wonderful foster parents decided a wish list was the way for this boy's life to end on a high. 

He had McDonalds; he got treats; he got pupchinos; he got to visit friends and family; he got to run in the fields; he got wish lists; he got presents; he got every ounce of love possible. 

Then.........the unimaginable happened, the infection started to clear. His specialist vets were gobsmacked, we and the nation were in tears of joy. 

It hasn't been an easy road for this boy. Some days the cold will set in and he just can't get warm; the antibiotics stopped working; he refuses to eat; the blood and gunk from his ear flows like our tears for him. 

Then today arrives, the day he is due to have his surgery to remove his inner ear, the day that he will finally become infection free. The day we were told wouldn't happen. 

This surgery is not going to be easy for him. It was the most difficult decision we have ever had to make, but it is the right decision for him. 

Please, please, please, once again we are on our knees begging you to keep Berkeley in your thoughts, your hearts and prayers. 

Berkeley, our boy, today is your day and we are all there with you.


Ladies and gents, hounds and houndetts, get the tissues ready 

Our boy is out of surgery! 

Here's the update so far today, and honestly it's going to blow your mind, break your heart, and fill your heart with joy. 

The TECA has been done. It was very messy in there and was very difficult, but they have managed to remove everything. 

AND when we say EVERYTHING we mean EVERYTHING, including............ the tumour which they thought 5 weeks ago would never be removed. Once they were in there, they could see exactly what was what and decided the tumour could be removed. 

Now don't pop the champagne just yet. Although this is the most amazing news that we have all been waiting for, they cannot be certain that all the cancer cells have been removed. We will have to wait for further tests. 

The heartbreaking part. They have had to remove Berkeley's whole ear, his beautiful long, silky ear has gone. But we are sure you will agree, he will still be as beautiful without his ear than with it. Personally we would rather he had no ear than that nasty, infected, cancer ridden mess he had. 

There is a chance that he will still lose his eye and have facial palsy but we will not know until he has recovered and the swelling has gone down. 

He is currently enjoying his morphine and ketamine infusion and is already trying to lift his head. 

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers today, we honestly believe the love this boy has had in the last 5 weeks has really changed his life. 

The vets are so happy with him, and have commented on how his whole condition has improved so much in the last 5 weeks. 

The photos are from his recovery room, the bandages will act as a pressure bandage and will help in his recovery.

A massive shout out to Berkeley's surgeons and all the vet staff at AVR; thank you for believing in this boy. 

The biggest shout out to Berkeley's family for loving this boy and turning his life around; for giving him a life the last 5 weeks. 

Lastly, you wonderful people, Berkeley's Army. Your dedication, your donations, your love and support for this boy is beyond all expectations. 

He's not out of the woods yet, but he's survived the biggest fight of his life so far. 

Please keep him in your thoughts, he has a long recovery ahead


Berkeley's Story So Far...

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