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The Building of the Puppy Palace


Oh man...have things been happening in Millie's world!!!

We've a great instalment for you all today in the continuing saga of our first puppies! 

 Week three of the puppies started with the knowledge that Millie could no longer get stuck under the decking, which was a relief. Of course, that didn't mean she didn't look for other hidey holes and her favourite turned out to be a muddy ditch. Now, in terms of her safety, and that of the pups, an accessible ditch beat the badger sett under the decking hands down, but the mud... the mud. Her long fur was a committed mud-magnet, huge balls of it clung to her feet, her belly and her tail. It didn't matter how many times I washed the floor; the entire house was looking like a ploughed field. And just to add to the fun, she started burying treasure there. I didn't realise until I went into my bedroom, where the pups were living, to be greeted by the terrible stench of rotting flesh and Millie happily devouring a muddy chicken thigh I'd given her a few days earlier. Bleghhh.

The puppies too began to present challenges, mainly by escaping their whelping box. Imagine my shock, waking at 2am, to find Sammi curled up asleep in the middle of her mummy's bed, while mum slept on the floor. As soon as Millie approached the box, puppies would begin boiling over the edge to grab sustenance. They were also growing fast, and poor Millie could no longer stretch out while feeding. So, I decided it was time to set up their slightly bigger pen, with its slightly higher threshold. Poor Millie was still horribly anxious and although she trusted me handling the pups, while I was transferring them to their new quarters, the poor girl ran off and was physically sick she was so upset.

Tight Squeeze!

Her attack first, ask questions later attitude was also still causing problems. As a dog who suffers from separation anxiety, she can't be left alone – especially with a young litter. As a new mum who wanted to kill anything which hovered near the outer extremities of the garden, finding a dog-sitter was somewhat challenging. While the rest of the UK was taking tentative steps towards post-Covid normality, I found myself entering a unique new puppy lockdown.

The other challenge was that the puppies were growing at such a rate, they were already beginning to scramble out of the new pen. Not only was I finding them all over the bedroom floor, but I was also concerned they might go off exploring under the wardrobe, or pee into something electric.

What we needed was Dave. 

Everyone needs a Dave!

BRNGB's Secretary, Louise and her husband Dave, braved Millie's fury so that Dave could build the kids their very own Puppy Palace. After a nightmare journey and a quick coffee Dave got to work. And it was then we discovered something interesting. Millie allowed Louise to look at her babies without much ado, but if poor Dave so much as moved she screamed canine obscenities and threatened to remove various bits of his anatomy.

Three hours later, the puppies had a wonderful space of their own and poor Dave escaped, body intact, but ears aching. Clearly, women were just about OK. Men were absolutely not allowed – even if they are helping her family!

The escaping tail!
Planning escape!

Of course, at this point I should be happily regaling you with stories of puppies kept behind bars, of better nights' sleep and peace reigning in the foster home. But the pups quickly found they could escape the Palace, the volume of their squeaks increased with their size and once again the place descended into happy chaos as we started weaning eight chunky monkeys on glutinous slop which, apparently, was as fun to play in as it was to eat.

Feeding time!!!

 As always, we are so grateful for your support with our babies and their Mummy. We can't say how amazed we are daily by our foster, Sandra. She's simply incredible.

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