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So, Who Is Granny WoofWoof?

Millie Beautiful Millie

So, who is Granny WoofWoof?

As you know we had surprise puppies here at BRNGB, all of whom have now gone to their forever homes and they are thriving wonderfully.

But who was behind the first 3 months of their care?Our very own Granny WoofWoof.

Imagine this, you have a nice life, you and your basset; you come and go as you please; you provide child care for your grandchildren; you have BBQ's; you have friends come and go; and you happily foster hounds in need for a charity.

You get asked to foster a lovely long haired little girl basset for a minimum of 6 weeks.You happily agree, it's only 6 weeks and she so reminds you of your beautiful long haired boy basset Rolf who crossed the bridge not so long ago. She arrives with you on the 10th April, a beautiful "judgey" girl.She seems on edge and paces a lot; rarely settles at night and you imagine seeing her tummy move…….did it?Is there something there? You mention this to the rescue, who laugh and say 'Nooooooo, don't be silly!' You mention this to the vet who has a feel and says 'Nooooooo, don't be silly!'

12 days later the rescue sends a scanner over to you and booooommmmmm! Yes, you were right Granny WoofWoof, there's at least 6 puppies in there!

Now, you haven't slept fully since this little girl came to you, you now have the realisation that sleep is going to be a thing of the past, and full Operation Puppy is under way.Ordering items that are going to be needed for the birth, rearranging your home, arranging care for your own basset who is getting moved out, rearranging grandchild care, cancelling appointments and work, basically cancelling your life for the next however long……..how many people can truly say, hand on heart that they would willingly do this for a hound, that they haven't even known for 2 weeks? Very few would be prepared to do this, but Granny WoofWoof did.

You have 4 days to arrange everything and then you watch the miracle of birth, of course in the middle of the night so that's another night of no sleep, you watch 8 of these funny looking, slimy, squeaking, crawling puppies come into the world. You are up all night watching over Millie, you are exhausted, you are concerned, you are out of your comfort zone, never being in this position before all you can do is watch over and call the vet when things get scary.You have the most immense pride for Millie, and love for her and her puppies, you have the instinct to protect and help these babies thrive.You will go above and beyond for these babies….they are your babies……you are Granny WoofWoof.

Cuddle time

The plan is the puppies will stay with mummy and you for 10 weeks whilst they grow and get taught all the things Millie can teach them.During these 10 weeks, you have a very good friend come over almost daily, she's the only one that Millie will let go near her babies, she is your saviour in the madness.Your family come to help, but aren't allowed to move around your home, Millie doesn't take kindly to strangers being near her puppies.You have to break up your garden decking into pieces when Millie disappears down a badger set; you have to fence off your garden in places, your beautiful garden you had just got "just right".As the puppies grow it is a never-ending circle of feeding; cleaning; bagging up poop; mopping up wee; saying "what have you got nowwwwww", "please don't eat that", "where are you going?"

The 10 weeks becomes 12 weeks because one puppy had to stay at the vets overnight and contracted kennel cough, that's 2 extra weeks of having 2 adult bassets and 8 baby bagels running riot in your home, your home that was your sanctuary;the light at the end of the tunnel was shining so bright at 10 weeks, has now dimmed…….another 2 weeks of watching TV through a cage because the little darlings have started to chew everything.They swing off the curtains, they run riot across your sofa, regardless of whether you are sat on it.You find them in parts of your house that they shouldn't be because one of them is a slippery little so and so and can escape through spaces a flea would have trouble squeezing through!

You love them dearly, but you are tired now, so tired, you want your life back, you want your beautiful garden back, you want your home back, that wall you carefully painted not that long ago…..yeah that now has holes in it from securing a play pen to it to contain the puppies; it also has teeth marks in it; poop sprayed up it; your lovely retro coffee table now has shark teeth marks in it.

The puppies have all gone now, just you, your own basset and Millie left in the carnage that was once your home.

How many of you would do this?Honestly hand on heart?Put your life on hold for 16 weeks, sit and watch your home and garden get destroyed?Be kept a secret from the world for your own safety and that of the puppies; get noise complaints from the neighbours, Granny WoofWoof did.

Thank you is not sufficient for what you have done, it doesn't matter how many times we say thank you, it isn't enough.

We would like to introduce you to Granny WoofWoof, a lady who we hold dear to our hearts, a lady who has gone above and beyond, a lady who has shown courage, love, compassion, a lady who, if there was a gold medal for fostering, would win, hands down!

Ladies and gentlemen, please, please, please put your hands together, a standing ovation for Sally King; long time foster for BRNGB and a fabulous fundraiser.Our very own Granny WoofWoof.

Granny WoofWoof

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