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Sadie Sadie



Basset hound/Frenchie cross

Age: 16 months

Sex: Female

Health: Neutered, Vaccinated, Microchipped

Location: South Wales

Meet 16-month-old livewire, Sadie. She is certainly not for the faint-hearted or novice dog owner. However, if you like your fun with a capital F - please read on!

Sadie is a basset/frenchie cross. She came to us at the beginning of August and has made so much progress in a short space of time but is now eager to continue her training with her own forever family. Sadie will need to be an only pet in the household as she can be extremely overzealous with other dogs, she doesn't recognise the "Leave me alone" signals that dogs put out and will pester them every minute of the day. Cats are a definite no no, as she will plague the life out of them, likewise any fast, furry animal is fair game.

Sadie is a very lovable and adorable girl who loves cuddles and kisses, she can be very affectionate and has a special bond with my husband, she will happily follow him around the house all day and when she isn't following my husband she is following me, which can be a bit of a pain when you're trying to cook dinner or do the housework! She will stick close and you have to be aware that she could be right behind you, ready to trip you up. Sadie initially showed signs of aggression while treat and toy guarding and as I wasn't sure of her reaction was a bit nervous trying to take things out of her mouth but now won't hesitate whenever she's picked up something she shouldn't, so her new carers should show confidence and not be afraid. She really isn't in the least aggressive.

We have spent a lot of time socialising her with the family who all adore her, she has been great with my two granddaughters aged 8 and 14 and I believe she will be good with older school aged children. She is also very friendly with the family dogs who visit regularly, and we have spent time on holiday with them and there have been no issues apart from her wanting to play constantly. She is also very friendly with any dog she meets whilst out walking. She has never shown aggression toward other dogs but if they go for her she will stand her ground and stick up for herself. 

Sadie is house trained but has had a few accidents since arriving. We keep an eye on her and take her outside for regular toilet breaks.

Initially Sadie would not settle at night, but she quite happily sleeps in our lounge curled up on the sofa. I leave a small lamp on and ask Google to play soothing music and she sleeps all night until about 8.00 am. She is a very lively young girl and loves to play with her toys, loves tuggy, and chasing her ball around the garden, therefore her new home will need some outside space to enable her to run around and play. In the evening after her last walk she quite happily settles next to my husband on the sofa and doesn't move all evening.

She absolutely loves her walks, we currently take her out twice a day. She will sit patiently and wait until you put her lead on. She walks well on a lead but lead training will need to be carried on by her new carers. Her recall is non-existent and she shouldn't be let off lead unless she's in a fenced in area, as she will run off chasing squirrels, rabbits, birds etc.,

Sadie loves her food and will eat anything, but certain foods will upset her tummy. We've found that Harringtons kibble and pate suit her well. She hasn't shown any food aggression since arriving. She is a great guard dog; her hearing is superb and she will certainly let you know if someone is approaching the house.

She has had several long car journeys and travels well but will get bored and whines a little. If someone is sat in the back with her, she is fine. I usually carry treat with me and keep her happy with the occasional treat.

Sadie has had several moves in her life which has understandably left her with some anxiety about being left. We are retired so spend most of the day at home with her. When she first arrived, we were worried as she would get herself into such a state when we left the house so we initially only left her for very short periods of time, we can now leave her comfortably for a couple of hours without any major problems. She knows all the signs when we are about to go out and will get panicky so leaving the house can be a bit of a task and she will initially cry but only for a few minutes and soon settles down. She does not cause any damage in the house whilst we are out which is such a godsend, as she has the run of the house. 

Sadie will need an active, experienced family with no other pets in the house. She will need a garden to play in, lots of love and cuddles and patience. She will make a wonderful, loving, loyal pet in the right family. 

Sadie is looking for a home that includes the following;

  • Someone who is at home often.
  • No resident dogs.
  • No cats, chickens or small furries.
  • A garden for her to potter (and zoom!) around.
  • An active family, as Sadie thoroughly enjoys walks, and will need physical and mental stimulation.
  • Patience and time to spend with Sadie in the crucial first few weeks as she adapts.

Taking on a rescue dog is not the easy option. You need to be prepared to help a confused and troubled hound find their place in your family. They have been through a massive upheaval and will need time to settle into a new way of life, so please consider this BEFORE you fill in an application.


Sadie is subject to an adoption fee and a successful home check. If your home check is successful, your family, including your resident hounds if you have them, will need to be able to travel to her foster home to meet him and his foster family.

You will also have a telephone call with a member of the team, plus Sadie's foster family, so that all of her history can be shared with you in person, and that we can be assured that you can fill all of her needs and requirements.

Sadie comes with 5 weeks free insurance via our rehoming partner, Agria.

Thank you for reading Sadie's blog. Please share where you are able. 

Babs and Caesar