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Rehome Roundup!


Apologies to all who wait so patiently for updates of our dogs, this is a very overdue catch up! We have been incredibly busy lately, and I've not been so good with my blog posts!

So, grab a cuppa and have a read of all our fabulous dogs that have found their little space...


Adopted by Karam and her family, Wilson is now living in Nottinghamshire.


"A bloodhound?" I hear you cry! Yes indeed, we were asked to help with the beautiful Daisy, and she is now very happy in Yorkshire with Susie, also one of our fabulous foster team.

Wilfy and Oscar

These beauties are settling very well in Suffolk with new mum and dad Simon and Liz.

Dolly and Stanley

Settling very well in North Wales, the lovely Dolly and Stanley are living in the lap of luxury with their new family!


Adopted by her fabulous foster family, Julie and Paul in Kent, our quirky Roxy has certainly got her feet under the table!


Coming from a very sad story, but with a very happy ending, Daisy has been adopted by Diana in Nottinghamshire.


Beautiful Ruby has been adopted by her foster mum, Joyce at last, after several phantom pregnancies.


Living with Cara and her family in South Wales, Poppy is having a fabulous time!


After some long and difficult veterinary interventions, Molly is back to full health and is spoilt rotten by Gabrielle and Jen in Monmouthshire.


Gorgeous Bailey became and instant foster fail with Jo and her family, in Northampton!


Falling in love with her whilst helping out with us on her transport run, Cleo was adopted by Jo and Kevin and is loving life in Surrey with Bernie, her new brother!


Not making it out of foster, and we can all see why! Angela and Chris couldn't bear to part with the beautiful Pember, so she's found her forever home with them!


After a few hiccups, Rascal is now well and truly ensconced in her very own family, with Karen in Shropshire, who also adopted Barney and Princess last year.


This fabulous lady is settling well with Carol and her family in Middlesborough.


Another lucky lad finding his forever home in foster! Julie knew he was meant to stay, and so stay he did!


Poor Henry has had a bad time of things, but he has now found his very own space, in beautiful Scotland with Yvonne and her family.


Finally finding his sofa, Marlowe is loving life in Scotland with the lovely Wendy and her family, who adopted Fred and Wilma. Sadly, Fred has now passed over to the bridge, but Marlowe is helping heal their hearts.

We have a few adoptions clearing this week, plus we have 16 dogs within our foster system with a few more pending, so we hope to have some more news of our successful adoptions very soon.

We can't end a blog like this without thanking our fabulous team. Our foster team are an exceptional bunch, what wonderful, caring people we have, and we are proud to call them our friends. The support they give to one another is outstanding, thank you all for stepping up and helping our hounds in need. 

Further thanks go to our home checkers and transporters, without you, we could never even begin to take in the dogs we do.

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Thank you all for your continued support.


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