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Our Famous Lady!


We are so excited here at Basset Rescue Network!

Now, we think all of our hounds are awesome, but one of them has reached the dizzy heights of the national press!

Lady came to us three years ago, as a fearful little two year old hound, and was adopted by Fiona and Michael in Cambridgeshire. They have worked so hard with her to make her into the dog she is today, and we have loved watching every step of her progress with them.

A few weeks ago, they posted a video of Lady, helping with the sheep on their farm, and it's gone a bit mad since then!


Some media moguls got hold of the story, spoke to Fiona, and she is in the Daily Mail today!

We are so proud to be a part of her story, and it just proves a point, that all rescue hounds can find their perfect place, we only have to find it.

You can read the full story here:

Lady the Sheepdog

It's a shame they got some facts wrong, her age for starters, and we know Fiona tried really hard for them to include our name in the article, (free publicity and all that!) but it was not to be! However it doesn't take away from how fabulous Lady is and her marvellous happy ending!


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