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Luigi Luigi



Age: 6

Sex: Male

Health: Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped

Location: Derbyshire 

"The gorgeous Luigi is 50% an active boy who loves to be outdoors exploring new places, and 50% couch potato who loves nothing better than a lazy day and a cuddle.

He walks well on a lead, pulls a little if excited. He has enjoyed lots of off lead time in secure freedom fields whilst with us but appears to have very little recall if he catches a scent or decides he hasn't explored enough. So, we have used a really long training line on normal walks to give him some space. He does the classic Basset thing of stopping on walks when he spots someone and has to wait for them to get closer. Although he's much more interested in the dog than the people. He's very loyal to his "family" but not that bothered by other humans at all.

He eats slowly and isn't at all greedy. (He has very trim waistline!) He has a grain free diet to keep his tummy settled. He does guard high value treats and has been fed separately from our dog to avoid any issues.

Luigi has suffered from separation anxiety in the past as an only dog, but we have been able to leave him without any problems for short periods with our dog present.

He's very friendly with other dogs, he can get a bit over excited and bark when wanting to play, so any resident dog would have to be able to cope with this!

When he came to us, he was very confused and stressed at being rehomed. Anyone adopting him would have to be prepared for him to be extremely nervous and unsettled at the beginning until he bonded and spend time reassuring him. He really is the most loving, loyal dog but that won't be apparent initially, as he's going to be confused all over again. It took a good 24 hours before he would even approach us! He was more than happy to play with our dog instantly though, so a friendly, tolerant dog would be great to help him settle.

He will need a secure garden as he's always looking for opportunities to get out and explore!

He is good with children, and he travels well in the car but likes a window open for air.

Luigi doesn't react when someone knocks on the door or when you hoover or mow the lawn, but he will counter surf if you leave anything tasty in reach! In fact, he will try and get in the fridge if he can!

Luigi is fully housetrained. He's not keen on the vets but is happy to be handled. He's let me wipe his eyes and ears. He does get over excited when you come home or come downstairs in the mornings and tends to bark, but soon calms down.

All in all, he's a smashing lad who deserves the very best forever home!"

Luigi is looking for a home that includes the following;

  • Someone who is at home often, with a secure garden.
  • A resident playful dog, to help with his past anxieties.
  • No cats, chickens or small furries.
  • A garden for him to potter (and zoom!) around.
  • An active family, as Luigi thoroughly enjoys his walks, and will need physical and mental stimulation.
  • Patience and time to spend with Luigi in the crucial first few weeks as he adapts.

If you tick all the boxes above, and you feel you and your family are suitable to adopt Luigi, please fill in our online Adoption Application:



The Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain Adoption Application

 Applications close on SUNDAY 1st AUGUST - we will aim to email you within two weeks of applications closing.

Please ensure you read our FAQ's before applying:



Here we will attempt to answer some of the more frequently asked questions about The Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain and adopting a Basset Hound.

Taking on a rescue dog is not the easy option. You need to be prepared to help a confused and troubled hound find their place in your family. They have been through a massive upheaval and will need time to settle into a new way of life, so please consider this BEFORE you fill in an application.


Luigi is subject to an adoption fee and a successful home check. If your home check is successful, your family, including your resident hounds if you have them, will need to be able to travel to his foster home to meet him and his foster family.

You will also have a telephone call with a member of the team, plus Luigi's foster family, so that all of his history can be shared with you in person, and that we can be assured that you can fill all of his needs and requirements.

Luigi comes with 5 weeks free insurance via our rehoming partner, Agria.

Thank you for reading Luigi's blog. Please share where you are able.

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