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Festive Frolics!

Oh, the fun we had at the 4th Basset Rescue Network Christmas Party last weekend!

This year saw us in Northampton, and it was most definitely our busiest yet. We had well over 80 dogs! They were incredibly well behaved...surprisingly! The hall was perfect, with a large, enclosed outdoor space, and thankfully the sun shone down upon us!

As you know, no party can happen without an amazing team. This year our party was practically organised for us, by the fantastic Debbie Smith and her team, made up of Anna Swann, Catherine Farmer, Mandy Jaquest, Kirsten Frost, Julie Cypher and Sam Phillips, who arranged the location, the buffet, loads of raffle prizes and cakes! We were so grateful to have their support and it wouldn't have been half as good a party without you! A bunch of truly amazing people. Thank you.

Music was provided by our resident DJ Daz, (aka Darren, who along with partner Suzie are one of our lovely adopters) who started the party off in traditional Christmas style with some belting Christmas tunes, and kept us all in the know with his announcing of events. He knows we all hate microphones so he does it for us!

Demi and Simon were on the merchandise stall, seeing lots of lovely things, but in particular the amazing basset hound decorations that Demi's mum had handmade for us. We had a Doggy Lucky Dip which Sam and her family were in charge of, our lovely friend Catherine was there selling her amazing Scentsy products, plus H&B Bandanas, who had a fabulous selection, we know there will be some seriously festive dogs out there this year!

Santa came again, with his sack full of presents for both dogs and children, he was certainly very festive, until one naughty hound weed up his leg! Good job Santa is always smiling! As always he was completely supported by his mischievous helper..Gill our Fundraising Co-ordinator! Her Santa dress was amazing!!

We had the most fun while playing Musical Mats...our funniest tradition in our parties! Some owners took it very seriously!! (Mentioning no names...!)

musical mats 20161210 1846653038

The buffet was superb, it was all provided by Tesco as part of their community initiative. We were amazed at the amount they had donated! Big thanks to the ladies who made the sandwiches the night before. There was also LOTS of cake donated by many people, thank you to you all.

 cakes 20161210 1689360104

All in all it was a fantastic day. The best thing for us was meeting old and new friends, seeing some of our adopted dogs again and being surrounded by so many gorgeous hounds! Every year we are always humbled by how many people come and support us, but this year, we were really speechless. We can't begin to tell you how much it means to us all to know you're with us.

making friends 20161210 1253646545

We have so many people to thank, I hope I won't miss anyone out, my sincerest apologies if I do. This is a list of people who helped with the raffle prizes and other donations:

Paula Stevens

Make Scents of it All

Hayley Simpson Cakes

Flo's Cakes

Nick's Nacks

Mark Frost

Wurth UK

Caroline King

Dogs on Bikes

Holly Cullen - PoppyAndOtis

Puppy Essentials

Pets at Home


Pet Munchies

Tracey Slater

Janet McKinney

Sally Stephenson

Tina Leja

Sandra Excell

Rachel Demain

A MASSIVE thank you goes out to Mandy and Steve Jacquest who donated so many raffle prizes and have also conducted raffles on some waddles to help with the party planning. Thank you so much, you've been so very generous in your donations.

So...the total? Well we are so very excited to share with you that together we raised an amazing

***** £1,748.70 *****



Thank you to all of you that made long journeys to be with us, especially Diane and Debs who stayed overnight in a hotel. We heard it was a lot of fun in your room that night...with hounds barking every time someone walked passed your door! Thank you also to people who supported us from afar, and bought raffle tickets online. I promise I will get your prizes posted soon!

Don't forget to book your tickets early for next year! We sold out this year so watch this space for details of next year's event! It comes around sooner than you think!


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