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Ever wondered what foster life is like for a Hound?

We asked an experienced foster family to write a little blog about what it's like for a Hound to be in foster. 

Meet Gus and his family, with their pack.  

Gus and his stick! 

A couple of years ago we decided to foster dogs and being experienced lifelong slaves of the unique Basset Hound, we asked BRNGB if they wanted us and they did! 

Since then, there have been five Bassets, Basset crosses and a Beagle stay with us and currently we have our sixth foster in residence, a Basset Hound called Gus. 

Gus came into the care of BRNGB a month ago, just after his first birthday. He travelled across the country, transported in relay by the volunteer transport team, and arrived with us for his temporary foster stay which will last as long as he needs it to. 

He does like to pose for his pictures 

Although we know some background details about the dogs coming to stay with us, we see them as a blank canvas when they arrive and they can paint us a picture of their personality. 

A lot of the time dogs have come from a stressful situation or become stressed by the move away from their home, so they need a couple of weeks to settle into a new routine and environment. 

During the settling in period, it became apparent that Gus has lots of puppy behaviour and some separation anxiety. We are giving Gus lots of love and a consistent routine, which is helping him settle beautifully, but most the training and development is facilitated by our resident pack of four dogs. They have shown Gus that it's not stressful when a human leaves a room or shuts a door, they are very good at correcting puppy behaviour when it becomes too much and showing him what goes on day-to-day. 

Gus' personality to really starting to shine through. He will get your attention by placing a paw on your foot to prevent you from moving before you've acknowledged him. When out and about, if the mood takes him, he will have a chase with his foster brothers, but his preference is to amble around a field several times acquainting himself with every blade of grass. He is the last one in from the garden as there is always just one more smell to sniff. 

He adores his sofa sleeps and if a spot takes his fancy but is already occupied by a foster brother, he will just squeeze in next to the occupant and hope they will move on, however, he doesn't try this with the cats – sensible Gus! 

Gus is a real chatter box, with a series of whines and grumbles if there is something he thinks you need to know. Usually this is giving you a countdown to dinner time or letting you know it's time to sit next to him on the sofa and rub his ears or tummy. 

He is a stunning looking basset, a beautiful tri-colour and gorgeous chunk of a boy. Since being with us, his fitness levels have improved, although I don't think he'll be looking for joggers or hill walkers in his forever family, he's going to love someone who can take for a nice long strolls around the neighbourhood smells with space for a sprint and zoomies when it takes his fancy. 

Gus will be with us for a few more weeks while his assessment continues and he recovers from neutering but when the time comes for him to move onto his forever home, we are truly going to miss this handsome boy.

PLEASE NOTE Gus is not ready for adoption yet so please do not apply at this time 

If you think you have the basset experience, time, knowledge, love and compassion to foster for us, please complete a form below.  Please note we need basset experienced homes to foster, no children under the age of 5, cat or no cats, chickens or no chickens, resident dogs or not.  

We are always looking for transport volunteers as well so please if you are willing to give up some miles for some smiles complete the transport application below, 



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