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Age: 7

Sex: Female

Health: Neutered, vaccinated and microchipped

Location: Middlesborough

Daphne is a bubbly, active, goofy and cuddly 7-year-old.

She just loves to cuddle up with you. Daphne needs to have a lot of contact with her humans, and happily receives lots of kisses and will paw you for attention and reassurance.

Daphne is very food focussed and has been introduced to many different treats whilst in foster (she will come with a list of her favourites!) She gets fed twice daily at 8 and 5. Daphne is not reactive if touched or stroked whilst eating and has shown no sign of food aggression.

She is toilet trained and has never messed in the house. She will always ask to go out.

Daphne travels very well and loves walks and enjoys zoomies on the field. She is fantastic off lead, once she has made that bond with her new family. She will pull at first, as she's always excited to be out, but soon settles. She loves to play, and has, on occasion, fetched a ball! She has more oomph than my three put together, so will need a family who loves to walk.

She can sit on request, and she loves to be in the garden, however she makes sure she tells the lawnmower how unimpressed she is with it!

Daphne loves children and has no issues with other dogs at all.

She loves her own bed, which will come with her, and she will often take herself upstairs out of the way. Even though she's affectionate, she likes her own company too.

She happily sleeps on the sofa at night and has a dentastik to go to bed with.

Snoozy Daphne
Goofy Daphne

Daphne does bark at strangers, and can be standoffish with people, but she will come round. It took two days with myself, and five for my partner. She seems to be more wary of males than females, so we would recommend any males to be the main feeder and walker initially to allow her to develop a bond and trust.

She does love to rip tissues, so will pinch any left about or in bins that she can get into!

Daphne has been a wonderful lodger, who will be missed dearly. Her forever family who will have the honour of this wonderful girl in their life will soon find out how much love she has to give.

 Daphne is looking for a home that includes the following;

  • Someone who is at home often.
  • A garden for her to potter (and zoom!) around.
  • An active family, as Daphne has lots of energy and thoroughly enjoys her walks, and will need physical and mental stimulation.
  • Patience and time to spend with Daphne in the crucial first few weeks as she adapts.


Taking on a rescue dog is not the easy option. You need to be prepared to help a confused and troubled hound find their place in your family. They have been through a massive upheaval and will need time to settle into a new way of life, so please consider this BEFORE you fill in an application.


Daphne is subject to an adoption fee and a successful home check. If your home check is successful, your family, including your resident hounds if you have them, will need to be able to travel to her foster home to meet her and her foster family.

You will also have a telephone call with a member of the team, plus Daphne's foster family, so that all of her history can be shared with you in person, and that we can be assured that you can fill all of her needs and requirements.

Daphne comes with 5 weeks free insurance via our rehoming partner, Agria.

Thank you for reading Daphne's blog. Please share where you are able.