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Colin needs a sofa


Age: 10 months

Sex: Male 

Location: North Dorset  

Colin is a cheeky chappie who is 10 months old and is still very puppyish. 

He loves to play with my two collie boys and his favourite games are tug and chase. He would very much like another dog to keep him company and one who would like to cuddle up. 

He is very keen to please and very quick to catch on. He knows how to sit, will come in from the garden when called, will leave items when asked – all with the knowledge a treat will follow. 

He loves his walks and is very good on a lead. Currently he is walked on a short lead on the lanes, swapped for a 20 foot lunge line in the fields where he enjoys a bit more of a run around but if he reaches the end of the line, he will stop, sit down and wait for you to catch up. When we have met other walkers, dogs and occasionally horses, he is always hugely pleased to meet them and say hello. He will occasionally do a flat basset move if a smell is too attractive to ignore but I have found that if I stop too, he soon stands up, completes the inspection and then is happy to move on. 

He has a step to get into our vehicle and will happily clamber in and out without assistance. He has shown that he does not particularly enjoy being picked up and placed in, but will tolerate it if necessary. Once in a vehicle he travels very well, both alone and with other dogs in the same area. 

His housetraining is ongoing but he has learnt to knock the doorstop with his nose to tell us he wants to go outside, most of the time. 

Colin sleeps overnight alone in our kitchen, in his crate with the door open. He does not like the crate door closed. Bedtime here is around 9pm after a last trip out to the garden. When given the cue "bedtime" he runs to his crate and lies down. We give a treat, turn lights off and close the main kitchen door, whereupon he immediately settles for the night. He has been clean every night for the six weeks he has been in foster and we often have to wake him in the morning. 

We have not left Colin totally alone since being in foster but when left with the other two dogs for 3 hours or so, they all settle down and sleep until we return. 

He has shown no aggression or possessive qualities since being in foster. He is happy to be fed at the same time and in the same room as my other dogs, with a sensible distance between each, and has been known to swap bowls with my collie halfway through! 

He has not snaffled anything he shouldn't from cupboards, table or the work surfaces in the kitchen but we also do not tempt fate. If he has managed to find something he should not have, being told to "leave" or offered a swap with a treat, will produce an instant drop. 

Colin has no health issues apparent and has a beautiful shiny coat which he is determined should smell more like fox! He is very happy to be washed and towelled down after a walk and thoroughly adores having his ears cleaned. 

I am confident that Colin will grow up to be a most wonderful companion, with continued training, love and respect. 

Colin's history is that he is not good with cats, so sadly no small fiurries in his new home.

We also do not adopt to homes with children under the age of 5.

Colin is looking for a home that includes the following;

  • Someone who is at home more often than not and prepared to put in the time to help Colin settle and learn further
  • A home with an understanding resident dog, who is happy to share their humans
  • An active family, as  Colin loves long walks, and needs physical and mental stimulation
  • Patience and time to spend with Colin in the crucial first few weeks as she adapts
  • We do not adopt to households with children under the age of 5
  • No small furies in the house 
  • Applications close at 7pm on Friday 11th February 2022

Taking on a rescue dog is not the easy option. You need to be prepared to help a confused and troubled hound find their place in your family. They have been through a massive upheaval and will need time to settle into a new way of life, so please consider this BEFORE you fill in an application.


Colin is subject to an adoption fee and a successful home check. If your home check is successful, your family, including any resident hounds, will need to be able to travel to his foster home to meet him and his foster family.

You will also have a telephone call with a member of the team, plus Colin's foster family, so that all of his history can be shared with you in person, and that we can be assured that you can fill all of his needs and requirements.

Colin comes with 5 weeks free insurance via our rehoming partner, Agria.

Thank you for reading Colin's blog. Please share where you are able.

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