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Busy times

We know this is always a busy time of year, but this year seems to be busier than ever! We have so much to tell you all, so we'd better get started!

Recent Rehomes

Over the last few months we have rehomed the gorgeous George, the beautiful Gracie, handsome Hugo and the lovely Ziggy!


George was rehomed to Nick in Bury, and spends his days with him, working in his pub! What a life!


The beautiful, spotty Gracie was rehomed to Bury in Lancashire, who is now settled with her two basset siblings.


Hugo is now living with Gary and Fiona in beautiful York. He's settling well.


Little Ziggy went to foster in Edinburgh with Kayreen, and was adopted pretty much straight away! One of our quickest foster fails!

Thank you to all our team who helped in the transporting, fostering, and homechecking for these beautiful dogs. We wish them all the very best in their new homes.


Now, while we are feeling all warm inside after reading about our recent hounds who have fallen on their feet, can we take a minute to talk about fostering? We are in the middle of one of our busiest periods ever here at BRNGB with around 16 dogs in our foster system with more on the way. We really need foster homes for these beautiful dogs, to be given another chance to get the home they deserve.

Perhaps you have been thinking about fostering for a while? Maybe now is the time to fill in that form and take the plunge! Fostering is so incredibly rewarding, to see a hound reach his potential, and find his own space on a sofa.

A Poem to my Foster Dog

I am the bridge

between what was and what can be.

I am the pathway to a new life.

I am made of mush,

because my heart melted when I saw you,

matted and sore, limping, depressed,

lonely, unwanted, afraid to love.

For one little time you are mine,

I will feed you with my own hand,

I will love you with my own heart,

I will make you whole.

I am made of steel,

because when the time comes,

when you are well and sleek,

when your eyes shine and your tail wags with joy,

then comes the hard part.

I will let you go not without a tear,

but without a regret.

For you are safe forever,

A new dog needs me now.


Diane Morgan

Please consider fostering. We can give you all the help you'll need, plus online access to our friendly forum where you can chat and share with other fosterers.

Follow the link below to the online application form.

Foster Application

 Organisation changes

You may know that our team has expanded again!

Faced with more hounds needing homes, we've now become a team of 7! We've welcomed Demi Stroud and Dawn Gilchrist onto the team, to help us grow and develop. We are in the process of updating our email addresses to reflect our .org.uk website address and they will be changing on the "Contact Us" part of the front page.

To make us a more efficient rescue, we have decided to section up the country, so people will have a name and a contact to see them through the whole process, from old owner to new. This will take time to embed, so please bear with us as we do this, but to give you an idea, this is how we intend it to be:

Sam Morgan (Chair) - Wales and South West

Sam Savage (Treasurer) - Midlands

Louise Nicholls (Secretary) - South East

Gareth Williams - North East

Demi Stroud - North West and Yorkshire

Dawn Gilchrist - Scotland

Gillian Kent - Fundraising

A massive thanks to the one member of the team who's rarely seen, Jeff Slough, who does all the website and email work behind the scenes. Thank you, Jeff.

Christmas Party 2016

The time is coming when we can cover ourselves tinsel and get into the Christmas Spirit! We will be partying with lots of you next week, but don't forget, if you can't make it, you can be a part of it by purchasing raffle tickets, which are available online until Saturday 3rd December! Follow the link below if you'd like to buy a strip or two, at only £1 a strip it's definitely worth it! Your money goes directly to helping a basset in need, and every penny helps!

Christmas Raffle!

You can also pop across to our shop to buy the now very limited stock of Christmas cards, calendars and bags. Be quick! 

 BRNGB shop

Thank you so much for your support! 

We'll see many of you at the party, but if not, we hope you all stay safe as you prepare for Christmas!

Please share this blog, wherever you can. Thank you.


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