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Berkeley's Story So Far...

The story so far...

Here’s a little update for you all, regarding our superstar hound, Berkeley.


As you may know, Berkeley came to us as a very poorly boy, with the most horrendous infection in his ear. We were sadly told that it wasn’t just an infection, but that it was a tumour, and there was nothing the vets could do. We brought him home, stuffed with antibiotics and painkillers, to make his last few days as full of fun as possible.

Berkeley has defied all the odds. Yes, he still has an inoperable tumour in his ear, but he responded so well to the antibiotics he began to feel much better! Even his vets were amazed by his progress!

Berkeley went back to the vet hospital on Wednesday for a check-up.

Berkeley has put on 2.5kg since he arrived into our care, which is fabulous as we're sure you will all agree.

Unfortunately, there is a new infection in his ear. This has formed an abscess which is sealed and is growing. This means that he now needs two different types of antibiotics to fight both the original and new infection.

However, because the original infection has slowly dissipated, they now believe that the tumour is the size of a tennis ball; so not as big as they originally thought.

Surgery for the tumour is still not an option, as this will result in him losing his eye and part of his face in order to remove it all.

What does this mean for our very special boy? We’ve had a lot of discussions and decisions with his foster family and his vets to think of the best options for him.

We can opt for him to have surgery to remove his ear canal (TECA), which hopefully will remove all the infection; or we keep going with antibiotics and try to fight every infection which he already has and others which may arrive in the future.

The second option isn't really an option; we are sure you will agree that keeping him alive on antibiotics is not a way any of us would like to live; and ultimately it will not cure him as new infections will mean new antibiotics and more pain for him.

So, after serious discussions with his surgeon and his cancer specialist, we have opted for a complete TECA to be undertaken. This is dependent on Berkeley's health. Obviously, every surgery has its risks and we need him in tip top condition for the surgery. The surgery is booked in for the 21st October.

Every surgery has complications, he is obviously a poorly boy, and could potentially end up with facial palsy. His foster family are completely on board with the surgery and his aftercare.

Hopefully, following his surgery he will be infection free; it will not, however, cure the cancer. But as we know, if we can get rid of these infections, he has a chance of a good life, however long it may be.

All in all, the vets are really happy with him.

Thank you for your support, we are sure you will understand this was not an easy decision for us to make. We are being led with the vets and specialists and truly believe this is the best option for our boy.

Keep him in your thoughts and keep sending all the love you can.

Enjoy his pictures from Wednesday, yes, he is rocking a dinosaur headband to try to keep the air going to his ear... we think he looks very dapper!

He's going to spend his weekend relaxing, we'll update you in a few days.


#BerkeleysArmy #TeamBerkeley #nobassetgetsforgotten

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