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Bank Holiday Raffle and Welcome to the Family

Happy Bank Holiday!  Hope you and your hounds are all enjoying the sunshine and have wonderful houndie plans for the long weekend! 

We have plans, we have TWO hounds coming into our family this weekend to join the FOUR who recently joined us. 

As we all know when Hounds come into BRNGB they have vet checks, they will have their vaccinations, any neutering if required, some will need medical attention; but even without that just the vet checks and initial treatments such as worming and flea treatments cost money. 

So we're having a Bank Holiday Raffle! 

This wonderful Basset Purse has been donated by on of our Foster Mums, Angela Jones.  The Basset is on both the front and back, it's brand new, un-used and still in the box so will make a wonderful gift.   A lovely soft pink to highlight that beautiful hound on the front and back. 

Before we give you the details on how to enter please welcome, Dougie, Otis, Benji and Winter into the BRNGB family 

Dougie -  Dougie has been with BRNGB since the first week in April.  He's a lovely, playful 2 year old lad.  He's loving having Basset Siblings to play with in foster and is really being a very very good boy. 

He was a very much loved boy by his family, who made the heartbreaking decision to surrender him when a busy family became too much for him.  It was completely the right decision to make to ensure both Dougie and his family had the best life possible.  

We don't berate families for making these difficult decisions, and we all know that dynamics can change quickly, they really did bring him up wonderfully, and totally did the right thing for him. 

Otis - Otis arrived with the BRNGB family the first weekend in April. 

He's a lovely boy of 4 years old; he is very anxious however and suffers terribly with separation anxiety.  His foster parents are working hard with him to over come this, and also his fear of vets.  The foster vets are being amazing setting up mini appointments with nurses so he can just go and have a fuss and a chill out.  This is really helping with his anxiety. 

Apart from his anxiety he's a very healthy boy who, like Dougie, was very much loved by his family.  Sadly Otis wasn't coping very well with a busy family schedule and they made the right decision, for Otis and for them, for Otis to join our family so he can find his person who is suited to his needs.  

Benji and Winter - Some of you may remember Benji and Winter when they were originally in BRNGB a few years ago.  

They were adopted and had a wonderful life with their new family; sadly their owner passed away; as BRNGB offer full rescue back up, their family contacted us and we were of course happy to assist them in any way we could to help them during this incredibly difficult time. 

After numerous conversations, discussing options, the family made the decision that Benji and Winter were to come back to us so their journey could continue with a new family. 

They are thriving in foster and are so very happy.

Our condolences to Benji and Winter's family, we hope seeing them so happy and content will help. 

As we said, we have two more hounds going us this weekend.  One on Saturday and one on Sunday.  A massive thank you in advance to our foster families and transporters. 


The raffle is going to run until 8pm on Monday 2nd May 2022. 

Tickets are £2.50 

Payment can be made to Paypal - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using reference "May"

Payment can be made via the bank - 52372266 Sort code 40-34-27 reference "May" 

Or via the donation tab above (link below) 

Once paid please either comment on our Facebook Pages, message Jo Bloyce, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We are hoping to see at least 100 tickets which will raise £250.00 which will pay for some of the initial checks for the 6 new family members. 



The Basset Rescue Network of Great Britain is a non-profit organisation.

Thank you so much for your continued support, donations and love for these hounds and our little charity 


Welcome to the Family - Albus and Mr BoJangles
Handsome Brodie looking for his new home