Sam Savage

Hi, I'm Sam Savage, I live in Oxfordshire with my partner Ryan, our 5 children and two bassets, Shirley and Ollie.
Back in 2013 I was involved in helping organise a transport relay to help a basset hound called Daisy move from south Devon all the way to her new home with a lovely family in Scotland, knowing that this kind of thing was possible made me want to help more, it made me realise that distance shouldn't be an issue when it came to finding the right home for these wonderful dogs, shortly after Daisy's journey, Sam Morgan had a wonderful crazy idea that we should start our own rescue.

And so Basset Rescue Network was born!!

We soon realised that there are some really wonderful people out there with a genuine need and willingness to help in any way they can.
It's these people that have put us where we are now and every one of them will always be a part of us.

Like any journey there have been ups and downs but the friends I have made along the way and the solid bonds that have formed between myself Sam and Louise are worth every second.

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