I'm Louise Nicholls, and I live with my husband, David and our two children in Berkshire.
We have our 3 beautiful basset hounds, Frank, aged 7, Penny aged 9 and Bertie, aged 6. I have had bassets for nearly 20 years, and beagles and corgis before that.

I became friendly with Sam and Sam (too many Sam's here!) through a basset group on Facebook, and we finally met in May 2013 on a walk in Wiltshire. To say we hit it off is an understatement, soon we became close friends. Sam Morgan came up with the idea of the Basset Rescue Network after a transport run was set up to get a basset to her new home, and asked if we would be interested in helping her run it.

I didn't need asking twice, and became Secretary when we had our inaugural meeting. I love seeing the difference in a basset from when they come in to us, to when they are ready to move on to their forever home.

We've had highs and very low lows, but it's all worth it when we see our Success Stories!

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