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Without BRNGB I would not now be proudly owned by the delightful Cooper. I was already owned by Lizzie & Dylan beagle and our old cocker Pip, but Cooper introduce me to the wonderful world that is bassets. He is a delight to have, and I believe you could not be sad for long with a basset.
BRNGB were lovely during the adoption process, and although I have not experienced any problems I couldn't manage with Cooper, I have always felt I had a whole lot of support if I needed it.
Posted By: Sue Black
Cockermouth, Cumbria
I'm not sure I can put into words the fabulous work that Basset Rescue Network GB do. But I can put into words how thankful I am for them bringing Merlot home to us ~ THANK YOU!
The 'Network' part of their title couldn't be more appropriate either and they have an exemplary one to boot, as they cover all of the UK including Northern Ireland.
We live in Glasgow, BRNGB had our Merlot in foster care in Lancashire and although I did two return journeys, first to meet Merlot and second to bring her home, their 'network' is such that they would have delivered her safely to us themselves had needs be.
Although you are vetted thoroughly, they do this respectfully and the guidance and advice is given abundantly. I couldn't have asked for anymore, a very caring and supportive group of Basset lovers!
Posted By: Zoe Moran
Hi all at Basset Rescue
Dandelion and I thought we'd check in to let you know how we are doing in our new home. We've nearly got the humans trained. We'd heard that Sussex humans can be fairly difficult to train but we think we've got there now.
Initially they had the cheek to try to deter us from sleeping on the kitchen table and the cream sofa - I'm pleased to say that they have now given up on that ridiculous idea. The younger human have a lot of other pack members coming to the house - in fact it's never empty - loads of visitors all day long. The female ones are the best as they like us to lie on the laps and cuddle us. One of them spends hours and hours brushing us with the softest brush - I think she likes to come and see us more than the humans. My main humans (the ones that feed us and pick up our poo) even had to buy her some Wellies so she could walk us. I think that is why she comes to the house so often.
Hunting (or walkies as the humans call it) are great we have been on a different hunt every day - sometimes it's the downs, sometimes it's the forest, the town centre (lots of cuddles that day!) and yesterday we went to the beach to paddle in the sea - great fun.
We have managed to work out how to open the grill (sometimes a sausage is left there if we're lucky), the oven and the fridge so we're never short of nibbles. I'm sure the humans don't realise it is us as we always make sure they aren't looking - if they are looking we put on our angelic faces and blame the cats.
Love to all the other bassets - May be room for more here if you get desperate!
Thank you for getting us our Sussex pad.
Dandelion and Perri xx
Posted By: Dandelion and Perri

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