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Hoowwwwwwwlllllllllll Alan here. Just want 2 say fanx 2 u lot of ladies 4 giving me some nice humans to live wiv. I got vem twained well. Vay fink I iz lovely and a good boy (wittle do vay no) I wuv Hattie the most (she's my girlfwend) I iz so happy ere and it's all fanx 2 u guys. My human slave sed dat she was very preased dat she became part of BRNGB at kissmus when she and daddy human came to the party and met everyone. She say dat she fink dat u r amazing humans and only pick da best human slaves 4 us precious houndies. She (and me) say keep up da good work. xxx
Posted By: Becci Vallis
What can I say about Maude? Well let's start at the beginning. In October 2014 we lost Nessie our beautiful 13 year old Springer to cancer which left me, my daughter Jazz and our Bavarian Mountain Hound Tallie heartbroken. Tallie grieved beyond belief (as did we) and it was an unspoken given that after Christmas we would look for the missing fourth member of our family. My friend Lynn Richardson has a fantastic Basset boy called Walter and whenever I saw him my heart would melt, so I guess that's why we went down the Basset route. All my dogs have been rescues so I decided to join BRNGB on Facebook and within a couple of weeks I saw Maude (previously known as Bear). I got in contact with Louise who then arranged for Linda and Mike Kirkbride to come and do my home inspection. They were great and advised me about certain traits that Bassets have. They weren't too different from my Bavarian's (just shorter legs) so I felt I had a bit of a heads up as to what to expect....yeah right! Next was the drive to Derbyshire to collect Maude from her lovely foster carers Dave and Leanne. They actually live in Barnsley but kindly offered to knock an hour off of our journey. Seeing Maude for the first time brought a smile to my face and that's how it has been for the past 2 months. She's a joy, she's a pain, she's a comedienne and she is loving and squidgy. Louise and Sam from BRNGB made the transaction seamless and I can't thank them enough. The whole team do an amazing job....ladies you are superstars!! I can't imagine life without Maude and I'm amazed at how well her and Tallie have bonded so keep up the good work BRNGB!
Posted By: Diane Ashford
Gosport, Hampshire
As a child I grew up with Basset Hounds and anybody who knows me will tell you how much I love and adore them.
In August this year at the age of 28 I finally cut the umbilical cord and moved out of my mum and dads house into a home with my forever suffering boyfriend, Greg! The poor guy puts up with my obsession with dogs and shoes.
Not long after moving in we managed to convince our lovely landlady to allow us to have a dog. There the search began! Originally we were set on having a puppy, but as we both work full time we could only get a puppy at Christmas time as this was the only time we would have time off of work to settle a puppy in. We were keen on rescuing so we contacted BRNGB to register our interest, explaining that we would like a puppy, but could only adopt near to Christmas.
We kept on with our search for basset puppies in rescue centres and also breeders. I then came in contact with a lovely lady on Facebook who called me up one evening to tell me how rewarding rescuing a dog could be and how it may suit Greg and I better as we work full time. I discussed this with Greg and then we made the decision we would be better off with a slightly older pup/dog. As if by magic that weekend the beautiful Millie, a 6 month old basset cross beagle, was posted on Facebook. Immediately I got in contact with Sam at BRNGB and after an exciting chat…… the rest was history!
After a week Millie (now Millie-Mabel) was coming to visit! We had a home check at the same time. And there she was; our missing piece of the puzzle.
Now I’m not for ONE minute suggesting she’s easy and it’s all lovely. She is hard work, she wouldn’t eat for the first few days and has taken some time to bond with us and trust that we are her forever owners, but Millie-Mabel brings us so much joy.
We remain in constant (they’re probably sick of us and the photo’s) contact with BRNGB and Millie-Mabel’s foster family. We love that we feel part of the BRNGB family and are supported every step of the way.
Greg and I could not thank BRNGB enough for giving us the most precious gift, Millie-Mabel xx
Posted By: Becca Bowden
The ‘tail’ of two dogs

My partner Ben and I knew we wanted another Basset after recently losing our old boy, Oscar. Having one Basset and one Cairn left (Monty and Mac), we felt it time to make our family bigger and decided upon another Basset Hound to rescue. We had decided upon a boy as we had always had boys and felt it best to go with what we know.

We decided to begin the search online via various rescue centres. I came across Basset Rescue Network and completed the adoption application form. The following morning we checked our emails and was so excited to see an email from Louise informing us of two little girls that were available. Despite originally deciding upon one Basset, we looked at each other and realised we liked the sound of two more.

After calling Louise and arranging a visit to the girls, off we went with our own boys to meet them. They got on really well, even our little Cairn, who can occasionally be a little on the grumpy side, loved them.

They are settling in so well. We couldn’t have asked for two better new additions.

We are so grateful that Louise got in touch with us and felt really supported with emails and text messages aplenty wishing us luck on our meet and greet and letting us know help is only a phone call away.

A big thank you to everyone at Basset Rescue Network.
Posted By: Tammie Allen
Our experiences of the BHRNGB have always been positive. We have helped the network to re-home two basset hounds: Daisy (was Wednesday), who we fostered for six nights and who now lives with my parents, and Bella, who we fostered for one night and who was introduced to her new owner at the network's meet-up in Newport in June. The two Sams, Louise and Ellen are friendly and approachable people who can be relied upon to give you straight answers and fantastic support whenever you want to help the network. I'd urge anyone who wants to help a dog rescue network to get involved with this one, whether it be via a simple donation, by becoming a fosterer or acting as a dog 'transporter'. It's all a massive help and greatly appreciated.
Posted By: Rachel Puddifer
Newark, Nottinghamshire

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