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Having adopted a BRNGB hound, as well as having fostered for them and helped with transportation & home-checking, I can safely say that the team behind BRNGB have the wellbeing of the dogs in their care firmly at the top of their list of priorities. Nothing is too much trouble.

Our adopted hound suffered a bout of poor health and the help that we received from BRNGB was first class - from the advice that we were given to the messages of genuine concern for his wellbeing, Sam, Sam and Louise were with us every step of the way.

As fosterers, we were provided with 24/7 support. Not only is working with BRNGB supremely rewarding, it is also incredibly hassle free. The greatest breed of dog on the planet deserves the greatest team of people caring for it, and with BRNGB, those people all come together and work tirelessly to ensure the happiness of the dogs that they love so much.
Posted By: Rob and Sophie Allen
This is about a very special hound which came to BRNGB called Dylan, his owners had approached different organisations who declined to take him because he was 15yrs old and therefore could be difficult to re-home. BRNGB didn't even hesitate and offered to take Dylan. He wasnt in the best of shape and had a few issues such he really didnt like men. But even more BRNGB paid for his health check up and he was also deaf and mostly blind and also some other health issues, but this beautiful hound for the last of his days was loved, cared for and had everything he ever need which BRNGB paid for. He even had walk which he hadn't had for years and even played with one of my other hounds, none of this would have happened for hin without BRNGB, one very loved and missed special hound which BRNGB brought into my life.
Posted By: Mad Basset
We recently had the privaledge of transporting a young Basset for BRNGB to his new home. Sadly his owners circumstances had changed to the point where they could no longer offer him the home he needed. To their total credit they put the dogs needs first and contacted BRNGB to ask for help in finding him a new home. From this unselfish and courageous act the team at BRNGB worked tirelessly and found him a suitable home with a loving and experienced 'Basset Wrangler'. On the day of his move we collected him, aided by our own furry tearaways to make him feel more comfortable. It was a long journey so we stopped and gave them a walk in a park. To the little mans credit although it was all strange and new to him he took it in his stride and played happily. Back in the car he relaxed and cuddled up to my wife. When we reached our destination and met his new owner they got on immediately. He went straight to her and the bond was made. We stayed a little while just to make sure he and his new owner were ok. To my wifes disappointment he ignored her and fussed over his new mum ( as it should be). Since leaving him in his new home we have heard he has settled in with the family very well and has made a new best friend in the owners sons dog. Its heartbreaking to give up such creatures but the courage of his owners, the care and knowledge of the volunteers at BRNGB and the loving home provided for him by his new family means that at least one little fella will have a happy and healthy home.
Posted By: Chris & Sarah Baxter
After much thought we decided to rehome a Basset Hound. We looked at many different centres and decided on BRNGB. They are not the biggest or shiniest rehoming centre but , in our opinion the most dedicated. After we contacted BRNGB, we had a home check, yes a home check! They have to make sure the dogs they are rehoming are going hopefully to their forever home. When you have passed muster the wait begins for your basset. Exciting times! Then you see the ONE! Contact. .....adoption form filled. ..wait. ... and. ..adoption fee paid and YES. .. We have the best dog in the world.
BRNGB will give you help and advice for the whole time you have a Basset and if you are lucky you might make a few new lovely friends.
Posted By: Dawn Irving
After losing our dear Henry (basset) last august at the dear old age of fourteen, we felt so lost, we knew that we had to get another one !. A friend suggested a rescue basset ,and we are so very glad we did !!, We have now had dear Basil for almost four months now, ( thanks to this lovely group and Louise ! ) we had to travel a long way to get him though but he is so worth it !!. Basil is just over a year old and did have a couple of issues, separation anxiety was a bit of a challenge but we worked through it and got a lot of advice , he has now got over this !!, we really wouldn't be without him !!
Posted By: Jo Batey

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