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BRNGB are an outstanding charity run by some of the most amazing people you'll ever meet. I cannot thank Lou and Sam enough for all their constant support and reassurance. The support we receive from the network of followers is incredible. We are just two weeks into having our new boy Alfie and its safe to say that he has fit in so well. Despite his little complications and initial struggles with moving from home to home, he is slowly settling in and has made a companion for life with our other boy Chester. Every bit of progress has been made possible because of the support we've received and continue to receive from BRNGB. I will absolutely recommend this charity for life and I hope to do some fundraising myself for them. BRNGB are a necessary and invaluable charity. I don't know what the world of Bassets would do without them. We will always hold BRNGB close to our hearts. Thank you for allowing us to do such a wonderful deed and take in another beloved Basset.
Posted By: Harriet Bowers
BRNGB came to my rescue just over a year ago. I had two gorgeous Bassets and had taken the step of welcoming a third into my life. It quickly became evident that my new fella and one of my other hounds were not going to get on. I worked hard to resolve the problem but after 4 months I sadly had to admit defeat. Neither dog was to blame. They were simply unable to live in the same household. After much soul searching I contacted BRNGB to discuss rehoming my lovely William. It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make. Finding William the right home was not an instant fix. I knew that he would be happier as the only dog in a household, he was a star with children and loved other dogs other than one of his housemates. The support I received was wonderful. A home was found for William but checks by BRNGB deemed it an inappropriate placement for him. This did not solve my problem but at least I knew that he would not be rehomed without careful consideration by BRNGB. Their search to help him continued until a suitable home was found. It broke my heart to let him go but twelve months on I follow him on Facebook and I know that he is now happy and has certainly landed on his paws. He is loved unconditionally by his lovely new' Hooman'. BRNGB gave their time and support without expecting anything in return. I chose to give a donation but this was by no means an expectation. We are not all in a position to donate to this amazing charity but we all chose to have hounds in our lives. Things don't always work out for a variety of reasons. The one thing we are all in a position to do is to be responsible dog owners when things don't work out. A dog is for life and we cannot simply discard them. Thanks to BRNGB William will have a wonderful life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart BRNGB.
Posted By: Jane Stokoe
Rufus joined us 5 weeks through this fantastic network , having explained my situation that I had 9 year old bassett who had recently lost his beloved berty who was 14 , he needed a companion , rufus is a match made in heaven , from the first call from sam to the transporting of rufus from somerset to sunderland , everything was so well organised , they are a fantastic team , very helpful and friendly , thank u too you all xxxx
Posted By: Wendy Ventress
Every dog in need deserves an organisation like the Bassets to have something so alarmingly good! Love Otto xx
Posted By: Susan Harris
We've not been able to rescue a basset full time, but we have helped Norra and Albert as fosters and seen them to their forever homes. It's been so rewarding. We hope to continue to help as much as possible. I know that the donations I send are used directly to help out bassets around the UK so am more than happy to do this.
The team at BRNGB are amazing. Helpful, kind, go above and beyond, so experienced and have a wealth of knowledge and advice that they are more than happy to share. They have made soooo many houndies, their forever hoomans and their little helpers along their journey's happy beings
Posted By: Debs Irwin

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