Training and events for your dogs

Interested in training your basset hound? (What a question, eh?!)

If so, we have the ideal events for you!

We were approached by Christina of Event Dogs to advertise some of their trainng programmes. Christina has a rescue basset herself, and follows us on our Facebook page, and would like to give back a little whist she works.

Event Dogs is a new company that organises dog training workshops, seminars and holidays, and if you fancy attending some of their courses that we share, they will donate 10% of the fee to us, to help us continue our work. The events are based around the Cambridgeshire/Lincolnshire/Norfolk areas.

If you would like to book onto these courses, or would like further information, please contact them directly here.

If you do attend, please let us know how it went, and send us some photos if possible, so that we can share the fun with everyone!

Clicker Fun! - 4th August 2018


101 Games to play with your dog - 11th August 2018


Both of these events are applicable for the 10% donation.

Book now so you don't miss out! 

A Few Of Our Success Stories

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  • Snoopy
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  • Pippa
  • Pheobe
  • Murdoch
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