Thoughts for Bertie

Tonight, we are asking you to send your positive vibes, thoughts, prayers, healing drool and anything else you can think of, to our beautiful basset, Bertie.

Yesterday, Bertie underwent emergency surgery to his spine and right now, we have no idea what his prognosis is, we only know that we had to give him every chance of survival.


Bertie has been living in Yorkshire with Demi and Simon, and was only on our website last week, ready for rehoming, having sailed through his neutering and a hernia repair. Demi had been full of beans about him, saying he was the most amazing dog, and was really tempted to keep him! He had got on so well with their basset Poppy too, he really was one of our best behaved hounds. We were just getting ready to shortlist the applicants for his forever home. Things were looking brilliant for Bertie.

But, there was a problem coming. On Tuesday, Demi reported that he was out of sorts, and seemed very lethargic, which was unlike him, so a quick visit to the vets was in order. The vet prescribed painkillers and advised Bertie to rest, saying that it could be a stomach bug or it may be a problem with his back. Seeing as he hadn't done anything out of the ordinary, we hoped and prayed that it was just a bug, or something that he had eaten. Oh, how we wish they could talk and tell us what was wrong with them!


By yesterday morning, Demi told us that things were worse, and she was taking him to the emergency vets. A worrying afternoon passed, it was definately a spinal problem and so we authorised a CT scan to know exactly what we were dealing with.

Then came the phone wasn't good.

Bertie had haemorrhaged in his spinal cord, which spanned over 3 discs. There was also bruising of the spinal cord plus a slippage in the discs.

He needed surgery.

They were ready and waiting for the nod to operate, and we knew we had a tough decision to make. We knew we had to give him a chance...and so Bertie underwent the surgery late last night.

He has come through his operation, and his neurological signs are good, but we have no idea at this time what the future holds for him. We know he will need intensive rehabilitation, which thankfully Demi and Simon have agreed to undertake, but as for his long term prognosis it's a waiting game. He may or may not recover the use of his back legs, we just don't know.

Demi and Simon have been to the hospital tonight and Bertie is awake and responding to treatment. Here are some photos just in from Demi after their visit:


Isn't he such a beautiful boy? Our hearts are aching for him, so tonight, please, spare a thought for Bertie, he needs all your positive energy to help him regain what he might have lost. 

We never leave a basset behind. We're not leaving Bertie either.