The Wirral Waddler's Summer Barbecue


On Saturday, 18th June, Bessie, Carly, Lotty and foster brother Manny took their human slaves on a road trip up through Wales to attend the Wirral Basset Waddles annual Summer BBQ fun day.

What better location than the Basset Hound Pub in Thingwall where our hosts, Alan and Michelle had again, very kindly allowed us the use of their facilities for the afternoon.

BRNGB BRNGB (Please click on the photos for credits)

I think there were about 40 dogs altogether, but they refused to sit still and be counted! Very inconsiderate! Eleven of them were BRNGB rescues, including 3 of the current wave of foster dogs.


We went for a leisurely stroll around the block, then back to the beer garden for an afternoon of fun and a well deserved cold drink. Much to the amusement of other patrons of the pub, we held our fun dog show in the car park. All were welcome, and there were even special classes for non bassets!

Afterwards there was a barbecue, raffle and auction. Thank you to Suzanne who baked the most delicious cakes and dog biscuits. She has four of the most well behaved bassets we have ever seen. Sitting under the cake table and not pushing it over showed a level of restraint we can't even begin to comprehend!


Altogether a massive £355.80 was raised to help more Bassets in need. We had a lovely time, meeting old friends, and making new friends.

We at BRNGB would like to say a huge thank you to Clare for her impeccable organisation skills and for making us all feel so relaxed, and also to the Wirral Waddlers for being so warm and welcoming!