The Waddlers take on the Wolf Run!

Our very own Sam, Sam and Jo, along with Sally, Laure and Leanne are preparing to take on the Wolf Run course this September!

In beautiful East Sussex, in the heart of the Ashdown Forest is where the fun will be had! The organisers say;

"Ashdown Forest offers the perfect wild landscape just 30 miles from central London. This venue is no stranger to us; It has hosted the UK OCR championship finals and been a military training area since the 1930s. The combination of open hills and intricate wooded valleys makes this perfect for a Wolf Run event and there is lots of mud and water too! We were drawn to this location by the beauty of the countryside. A new venue brings great new obstacles; we are excited to build a course knowing it will have such different character than our other Autumn venue."

So...our girls are totally fit and ready to go! 


Our Sam Savage and Jo have form with getting down and dirty, as you can see below, but our Sam Morgan's trainers are totally pristine....does this bode well?


The average fitness level of The Waddlers - zero

The average age of the The Waddlers - hmmmm

We have signed up to "run" 10k over ancient woodland trails, through deep water crossings, up high climbing nets, log walls, whoosh down landslides and generally do scary, muddy, dirty things at Ashdown Forest, East Sussex on the 29th September.

The course had been a military training area since the 1930's so it's going to be tough, but we're prepared....well maybe....

Why are we putting ourselves through this? You know us girls at BRNGB love a challenge; but more importantly Hound A needs hydrotherapy and we just know that there will be others that also need financial and emotional support.

All entrants have paid the entry fee themselves, and 2 of us ladies running don't even have bassets, but want to help.

All money raised by us getting dirty will be going into the emergency fund for Hound A and future hounds.

Please support us. We'd also love to see as many of you as possible there cheering us on.

It is going to be physically tough, most of us are carrying injuries of some sort, most of us have a zero fitness level, but we will do this for the hounds!

Please follow the link below to donate your pennies, we will be eternally grateful!

Waddlers Wolf Run

You can be assured of some fabulous photos after the event!

Thank you for your continued support!