Summer Garden Party 2016!


On Saturday, we were all looking forward to going back to the beautiful village of Nuffield, in Oxfordshire for our annual garden party at Paula's! The weather forecast seemed set fair, and so we packed up our camping chairs and set off!

Paula had once again donated her garden to us for the day, which she had set out with tables and chairs, plus a drinks table, for tea, coffee and soft drinks. She had also very kindly offered to do the lunch catering as well, which we really appreciated.

Gillian and Jon had already set the stall up by the time I arrived, (a little sat-nav issue!) and together with our lovely friend and supporter Jill, who had made the most gorgeous fresh dog treats, they had everything under control.


We set off for the waddle, with Phoebe, Paula's daughter. They really do live in a beautiful part of the world, and the walk was really lovely. The sun shone, with only a light breeze. All the humans and the hounds enjoyed!

Lunch was AMAZING! Paula had made jacket potatoes and pasta with toppings such as bolognese, chilli, cheese, beans, salad...oh there was such a choice! Plus there were cakes of all descriptions for pudding, carrot, chocolate, red velvet...we were certainly well fed!


Gillian was working her magic selling the raffle tickets, and we all enjoyed sitting together and catching up with old and new friends! The dogs were brilliantly behaved, we even welcomed a whippet, dachshunds, collies and all sorts!

We also had a meet and greet going on at the same time, we welcomed the lovely Nicola and her two children who were coming to meet beautiful Manny. More on his story later in the week!


Home made cakes were sold off, and Paula had made the most lovely chutneys and jellies to sell!


Altogether, we raised a massive £350!!! What an incredible amount of money raised in an afternoon full of fun and laughter! (with only a little rain at the very end!)

As always, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your support, we truly couldn't do this without you all. Special thanks to Paula, Mike and Phoebe for hosting, and to Jill for all she did with her treats and help.

Thank you! We can't wait for next year!