Stanley's Wish List Raffle

Stanley's Wish List Raffle


For only £5 you can help this very special boy receive all the items on his wish list!

This raffle is in aid of our beautiful long term foster dog, Stanley, who's living in Scotland with his foster mum Andrea and her family.

His story is a complicated one, but it's worth a read to understand some of the vital work that we do behind the scenes.

Stanley is such a superstar of a hound. He came to us like many of our dogs, with some aggressive, growling and snapping tendencies. He was placed into foster, but it became apparent that he was going to need a very specific and knowledgeable home, as this chap was in need of help, and fast. He was not settling into foster, his behaviour was getting worse. Our fosters tried lots of intervention techniques, but his needs were more than any of us had expected. The advice of a behaviourist informed us that he was resource guarding food, people, territory and toys. This boy was desperate.


Our foster, Andrea offered to have him as a real last resort, as we knew with his aggression we could not rehome him. Andrea has plenty of experience with aggressive dogs, so we knew if anyone could help him, Andrea could! She has worked relentlessly with him, and Stan's true colours are really beginning to shine!

Through lots of discussion between the team and Andrea, Stanley has become one of our select few 'Long Term Foster' dogs. These are hounds that stay with their foster forever, but remain under our ownership, and we support the care of them, including veterinary bills or behaviourist support.


We thought you'd like to hear about Stanley in Andrea's own words, so she's written a lovely piece all about him.

"Oh Stanley where do I start!

This boy is a 6 year old Basset hound, who arrived as quite a subdued boy. His answer to most things was bite first and take the punishmentsecond, there was no warning, Stan would just fly. Even when hoovering or using a broom, Stanley would become very scared.

He has managed to bite a couple of times but each time he did, there was a reason, it just took us a little longer than normal to work him out. 

Because of his unpredictablility and his potential to bite, he's not able to be rehomed, so instead he has found his forever foster home here in Scotland with us.

The areas that we are working on at present include his behaviour in the back of the car and going to bed at night. He loves his walks with his brothers and there has never been any issues with him whilst walking. 

Stanley is also food aggressive, but this area has never been an issue as we pick up straight after he has finished. His second feed is not given to him in his bowl, instead he gets this spread over the day in training treats. Whenever it's treat time, Stan has to do something for the reward, which works well.


His skin and ears are now being managed by us after vet treatment. He's no fan of the vet, he needed sedation just for the vet to be able to touch him and clip his nails, although even sedated he still managed to try and bite, but was muzzled for his safety, so no harm was done.

He has fallen into our routine really well, he likes our strict but fair routine for all our dogs. 


In the morning we always eat before the dogs, Stanley will now sit quietly having a few extra zzzzz's before his breakfast. At night he gets put to bed at 8pm on the dot,  he's really good at telling the time now, as he loves going to bed with his dentastix! After he has eaten his treat he will give us a bit of mouth but this is now only for a few seconds.

He has attached himself to our youngest son and waits at our gate to welcome him home.He waits outside his cabin, barking to be let in, which is very funny when he is trying to get a lay in!!

Stanley is a fabulously handsome boy and deserves a second chance, which is why we are going to foster him forever. He brings so much joy and he is now relaxing in true basset fashion. He likes horses and cats (although the cats are feral) and has 2 acres to run around here to burn off any excess energy!

Stan talks to you all the time and is quite needy, he likes to be reassured. I would say he is just showing us what he can be like, he is actually turning into a very soppy boy who loves cuddles, tummy and ear rubs.

He now visits our elderly parents and he has never shown any aggression with them although we are on guard with a trail lead.

We were told that he would growl if people came into rooms or the house. We've not had any of this behaviour, but from the start we made people coming in a great game, so now he greets everyone and asks for strokes from them.

He enjoys toys and his favourite is balls and sticks. His training is ongoing but he is leaping forward in his abilities to cope with day to day life, which he is now loving rather than waking up as a confused boy not understanding the world around him."

We never expected to have such a positive report of our lovely boy, so we aren't ashamed to say that we all shen a teat when we read this write up! We are so proud of what Stan and Andrea have achieved, and we need to celebrate it! 

We're asking you, if you can, possibly help Stan gain the wishes he needs on his wish list!

We need to raise funds for the following items on Stan's list;

  • A new ramp, as his one has just broken.
  • A supply of adaptil collars.
  • Treats.
  • Training supplies and games
  • Balls... he loves large Kong balls!
  • A new coat for winter walks in Scotland.

and also for his ongoing and future veterinary and behaviourist fees.

How can you help Stan?

For £5 a ticket, you can be in with a chance to win this very special baset hound ornament!


Who wouldn't want this gloriously perky basset brightening up their mantelpiece or sideboard, it surely brings a smile looking at his happy face, and you can feel even better knowing you've helped a real hound in need!

All you need to do is send your raffle payments to us using the following options:

To use Paypal, please pay us at our account address;

Please ensure you use the Friends and Family option when you send your payment!

Using a debit/credit card through our website, click here

You can send us a bank transfer to Basset Rescue Network GB, HSBC Bank  Account number 52372266   Sort Code 40-34-27

Please use the reference STANLEY and our lovely Jo will email you with your ticket number on receipt of payment.

The raffle will run from Saturday 22nd June until Wednesday 3rd of July, so don't delay in getting those pennies together!

You can find more information on our facebook page by clicking here or you can email Jo directly on:

Thank you for supporting Stanely and our ongoing work.