Special people and special memories

When the three of us at BRNGB get together, we often talk about our fabulous supporters. We appreciate every single one of you, and we are grateful for the fact that we can call on you to help.

Last weekend was really special in many ways, and we'd like to share this with you all, and say a few words of thanks.

Our friend, Sasha Jones,has been running an online fundraiser on Facebook for the past few months, and organised a waddle and a raffle on Sunday, with her adorable bassets, the birthday hounds, Benson and Willow.  The proceeds of this has been split in half between Clatterbridge Cancer Charity, and ourselves here at BRNGB.


 The adorable Benson and Willow

We are so pleased to be able to tell you that Sasha has raised £500, and has donated us £250 today! What an amazing effort by Sasha, we can't begin to say how thrilled we are! A massive 'Thank you' from us all at BRNGB, including all our volunteers, and of course, all of our wonderful hounds.

Many thanks also to all of you who supported Sasha in her fundraising, I know lots of you bought some lovely items. Please send us some pictures of your hounds wearing some of their new attire!

The second special event last Sunday was the walk at Dovestone Reservior with our friend, Diane Travis. Many of you know Diane through Facebook, she lost her darling Millie earlier in the year. Dovestones was Millie's favourite place to walk, and so Diane arranged a walk where her friends could come along, and she scattered Millie's ashes underneath a tree.


We were honoured to be there with her, and had the most wonderful walk, even if there was a bit of snow! So many people had driven miles and miles, Diane was so thrilled that so many people had made such an effort. Ever the supporter of BRNGB, Diane had asked people to donate a pound a hound, and many people who couldn't come donated via PayPal, many of them much more than a pound!

In total, Millie's Memory walk raised a huge £150! How amazing is that!

You can follow the link to look at some photos on our website of the walk, more are being added as they come in!

Millie's Memory Walk

So, as ever, we are humbled by people's generosity, not just in money, but in time and in thought. Thank you from us all, each and every one of you. Because of you, we can help more bassets in need. 

Thank you.