Searching for Navi's perfect home

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Welcome back Navi!

Our beautiful Navi has come through her intensive rehabilitation at the Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary and came into foster with Sam Morgan on Saturday. We are now starting to search for the perfect forever home for this beautiful little girl.


To begin with, let's give you the background on this special lady.

Navi is a 3 year old basset hound/cocker spaniel cross. To look at her, she has the best bits of each breed, a beautiful deep caramel colour coat, silky long ears and an adorably cute face, with chocolate brown eyes. She is an energetic little lady, who likes her walks and also enjoys a cuddle and a snooze. She's also got the stubbornness of a basset hound, as well as the most adorable singing talent! 


Look at that beautiful face!

Navi was placed in foster with us, and whilst she was there we noted she had guarding issues, plus she could also be human and dog reactive. Our fosterers had done some wonderful work with her, and after some months decided that they could not go any further with her, so we moved her into a new foster home, in readiness for her to find a potential adopter. Once there, she became highly reactive, and we were faced with the awful dilemma of where we could place her next. Never ones to shy away for asking for help when we need it, we contacted many organisations, but the offers for help were few and fleeting. We had nowhere left to turn.

We contacted our friend Sam Bellamy, who through her work with The Animal Rescue Auction Group, (TARAG) had much advice to give. She put us in touch with Joy Keys from The Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary, who offered to take her into their SOS Havens, where they work with and rehabilitate dogs with major issues that are preventing them from being adopted. We knew that Joy would give her and us a fair assessment on her and together we could decide what the best way forward was going to be.

Navi entered the sanctuary on the 28th November, and we were all so pleased to see that she had a safe place to go, with options open to her, when the alternative was not worth thinking about. 

Whilst at the Sanctuary, Joy and her colleague Theresa worked hard with Navi, who they found to be

" amazing girl, a total character...with a massive heart and soul."

They worked hard with her all through the dark days of winter, never giving up on her and letting us know exactly how she was doing, posting pictures and diary updates on a weekly basis. We watched her progress, especially with the friendship she made with a lovely dog called Keisha! We were so proud of her!

After lots of discussion with Joy, her date to come back was set and Sam was delighted to pick her up. She came to her first Basset waddle in Black Park where she met with some 33 bassets, bloodhounds and even a pug! She coped with this so very well, she was a delight to have. She really enjoys the company of other dogs, and everyone who met her fell in love with her!


Sitting patiently with the other dogs


Enjoying the forest


Having a little sing! 

So now...the search begins for Navi's home.

Joy has given us a great assessment of her character and traits, plus a document to help us stick to the training plan they had put in place in the Sanctuary. Whilst Navi has had rehabilitation on her issues, we are all aware that without consistent rules, she could very well slip back into her bad habits.


Ready for a nap


Having a cuddle with her foster mum!

As part of her assessment, Joy has made an important point that Navi "...will try to claim ownership of one person, as she has a very distinct need to belong. If she is allowed to take ownership of one person, we anticipate that may well encourage her to become human reactive, so she will need to be in a home where sharing humans and and items is key, and must be practiced and become a way of life for her."

We are opening applications for Navi's adoption today, please note that we will not be allowing families with children under 16 to adopt. We also feel that she may benefit from being an only dog, but ensuring she has many opportunities to meet and play with other dogs. Each application will be taken upon it's own merit though, so please apply if you feel you can offer this very special girl a space in your home and your heart. You will have the opportunity to talk to a member of the team at BRNGB and Joy, plus full access to her assessment from the Sanctuary. Please be aware that she is currently in foster in Newport, South Wales and we will require a few meet and greets for you to get to know Navi, and become familiar with her plan.

Please read our FAQ's before applying.


If you would like to be considered for adoption, please complete the online application below.

Adoption Application


Thank You!


 We would like to thank our friends at the Sanctuary for all their help and support. Please have a look at their website, they really do tremendous work, and need all the support they can. 

The Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary

 Thank you to Sam Bellamy as well, without her help we would never have found Joy. If you don't yet support TARAG and their wonderful auctions, please do.

The Animal Rescue Auction Group

We know many of you donated to help us with the costs of her being at the Sanctuary, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you for reading Navi's Blog. Please share wherever you can.

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