Roxy - she's wheely special!


Here at Basset Rescue Network we have a little motto, 'No dog gets left behind' and Roxy is living proof of what that really means to us.

In March 2016, five year old Roxy lost all feeling from the waist down. She couldn't move, or use her bowels and bladder. An MRI scan discovered a slipped disc in the middle of her back. She had surgery at a veterinary teaching hospital, and was given a 10-20% chance of regaining feeling. After 5 weeks, she was no better, and her vet suggested having her put to sleep. Her owners were understandably devastated, and refused to accept that this was the end of the road, Roxy was bright, alert and wanted to live. But it was going to be a long haul, with Roxy needing hours of massage therapy every day, just to stimulate her bowels and bladder, plus weekly visits to hydrotherapy, and round the clock care which her owners couldn't provide, working full time and raising a family. So they contacted us to see if there was anything that could be done.

We immediately thought of our friends, Kim and Simon, who had been through this before with their basset Indie, before she passed away. They said yes straight away, they had the perfect set up for a special girl like Roxy, with everything she needed...including wheels!

So, Roxy made the long journey to Devon to stay with Kim, Simon and their four bassets, Mr Boots, (who very sadly passed away in June) Bertie, Bonnie and Betty. 

She arrived from the veterinary hospital with a skin infection, a bleeding open would on her leg, blood in her urine and a cough. She was welcomed into the loving arms of her new pack, and within a week of 24/7 love and care, her infections had healed and her tail was wagging!


In December 2016, Roxy's owners could no longer afford to fund Roxy's veterinary care and weekly hydrotherapy sessions, and made the difficult decision to sign her over into our care at BRNGB. Roxy will stay with Kim and Simon as a lifetime foster and hopefully live a very long and happy life. She is still disabled, and probably always will be, but she is happy, and zooms about on her wheels without a care in the world!

However, this kind of full time care does not come without a cost, the daily needs of a special girl like Roxy are enormous, just keeping her in clean bedding costs a fortune. Please follow the link below to her recently set up Facebook page, where you can read more about her and what a day in her life is like.

Roxy Winstone's Facebook Page

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We have also set up an Amazon wishlist just for Roxy and her specific needs, if you can spare a few pounds to buy something to make Roxy and her family's life just that little easier, then please take a look, following the link below. Kim and Simon are truly selfless and we cannot ever thank them enough for what they have sacrificed for Roxy.

Roxy's Amazon Wishlist

If anyone has any old towels or blankets they would like to donate to Roxy we would be very grateful. You can contact Roxy directly on her Facebook page, or email us here and we can arrange for them to be delivered.

Thank you for taking the time to read Roxy's story. Please share it and be sure to follow her progress on her Facebook page.