Party time!

Happy Birthday, Louise!




Our wonderful friend, supporter and one half of the Loben fostering team, Louise turns 40 on 30th August!

Now, we don't think she looks anywhere near 40, but she's insisting that she is, and she's planning a fabulous party to celebrate! Not your normal sort of party though...this one is outdoors...and it's not bring a's bring a BASSET!


Yes, lovely Louise is throwing a birthday party, with no charge or requirements, but Louise would like you to donate to us instead!

Where is this fabulous party, I hear you ask? Here's the details!

Date: Saturday September 2nd

Time: 11am til late

Where: Leeds

Meet at Hyde Park for a waddle, and then back to Leeds University for the party, where we'll have the area to ourselves, with hot beef sandwiches, chips and cake! (I also heard there is cheese...hounds will enjoy!!) Plus there will be a bar serving all sorts of drinks!

We are really looking forward to helping Louise celebrate, and in true Louise style, it's all about the bassets. Louise and her husband Chris are amazing fosters, nothing is ever too much trouble and they drop things at the top of a hat to get a hound in need, they are both truly wonderful people. So, if you can make it, please join us! She wants as many people as possible there to make sure it is a day to remember!

If you require any further information, please contact us here, and we will put you in touch with Louise.

Looking forward to seeing you there!