Party pieces!

We've had a wonderful weekend at BRNGB with lots of good things happening! We hope you have all enjoyed the warmer weather, we certainly have, although some of the dogs don't like it! 

Barry's End of Chemo Party Saturday, June 4th


On Saturday, Sam S and Louise made the epic journey from Berkshire to Yorkshire for Barry's Party! Now, you may remember our blog all about Barry, his bucket list and his party, if you'd like a little reminder of his story, please have a read of the original blog here.

So, our friend Barry has been very bravely fighting cancer, and his owners Demi and Simon threw an amazing party for him! We got there about 1pm, and the weather just couldn't have been more perfect! Blue skies, no clouds, and to top it all, we were in the most beautiful village of Ledsham, what an amazing place! Picture perfect village, surrounded by green fields, ideal for a mini waddle to start the party off!

Sam and I did feel a little strange, attending a waddle without dogs of our own! We'd made the sensible decision to leave ours at home, because of the length of the journey, which was over 3 hours. But we soon managed to grab lead or two, especially when we met up with one of our foster girls, the utterly gorgeous Mabel! Plus of course her lovely foster family, Louise and Chris! We also met up with our Transport Co-ordinator, Gareth and his lovely wife, Alison, as well as their three absolutely stunning hounds, Horatio and Delilah, and our very own Barley. It was lovely to meet them face to face for the first time, though we felt like we'd known them forever!


When the dogs had had their waddle, we made our way back to the venue, The Chequers, a great old fashioned pub, but with a brilliant outside area, part of which was up some steps and was reserved for our party. Decorated with blue balloons and bunting, Demi had organised a wonderful tombola (with a lovely bottle of red wine that Louise won, which went down a treat on Sunday, thank you very much!) plus a raffle, and a brilliant craft and gift table, with home made dog cakes made by one of our fosterers, Caroline! It was great to meet up with her too, and her cakes were unbelievable! She had also made a massive cake for the raffle, in the shape of Barry! It was brilliant! Gareth's mum had made some wonderful cards to sell, and many more people had made and donated some fantastic bits and bobs!

The pub did some great food, and Sam and I wandered into the bar to order lunch. We had to ask what a 'breadcake' was...which caused much laughter in the pub, as you can imagine! (It's a bread roll...if you're wondering 'A round one not a long one!!' as we were told!)

It was lovely to have lunch surrounded by bassets and chatting with old and new friends in the sunshine! We met Jane and Herbert, who she adopted from us last year, (he was a foster fail the minute he walked into her home!) and Siobhan, aka Chevvers, who is doing a Tough Mudder for us soon and is also one of our homecheckers!


The raffle was pulled, cake was cut and eaten, and the day was coming to an end. Doggy party bags were opened and eaten. Lots of tired bassets, (and owners!) but very happy. Demi told us the party had raised lots of money, (total to be announced) which is marvellous. But more than that, was the friendships made and strengthened, and of course, meeting the gorgeous, handsome, ever so cuddlesome Barry. He is absolutely gorgeous, and we were so pleased and proud to come to his party.

Back down south we drove, what a perfect day it had been, and one we will remember for a very long time indeed.

Thank you to all who came to Barry's party, all who donated, bought raffle tickets and crafts, who came and said hello and made us feel so incredibly welcome. We shall certainly be coming back to Yorkshire very soon!


Celebrating Rescues at Action Petz Bridgend, Sunday June 5th


By Bessie Basset, aged 11 (pictured)

Aunty Gill, Mummy and me went to Action Petz in Bridgend for the Celebrating Rescues Day. It was boiling hot outside, so it was lovely to be indoors where it was cool. There was all sorts going on, loads of other dog rescues and stalls selling interesting things, fun activities set up for the young 'uns, (not me, I just like to watch) a fun dog show, a bouncy castle,a BBQ and a very loud band.

We had a good spot for our stall, right opposite the front door and in between our friends at Hope Rescue and the cake stall. Yum!

Aunty Gill and Mummy set the stall up all lovely while I had a little snooze on my bed, then I went out to the off lead play area to say hi to everyone, but it was too hot out there, so I came back in for another sleep. It's tiring being the face of BRNGB you know.

Our friends, Hugo, Doris and Tilly came to the fun day. Their Mummy, Colette made us some beautiful cards to sell and brought Aunty Gill a big bag of milk bottle tops and used stamps. (Did you know we save them?)

Hugo had a swim in the swimming pool, he's ever so sporty. It did look kind of cool in there if you like that sort of thing.

All in all, we had a lovely day, we met some really nice rescue people and some lovely dogs. Mummy had a cuddle with an 11 week old puppy. The ladies from Four Paws rescue were really nice, they are a new rescue too, so mummy and Aunty Gill had a good long chat with them.

So, if you are in the area and looking for somewhere nice to go for a play, I highly recommend Action Petz. Especially on a hot day like today.


Wirral Waddlers Barbecue, Saturday 18th June 2016 - The Basset Hound Pub, Birkenhead


Clare Hodgson and her group of Wirral waddlers are having another fun filled day at The Basset Hound pub again this year, following on from the success of last year's day! There will be a walk, and then back to the pub for a fun dog show and a raffle, followed by a barbecue.

Last year, this event was really popular, and Clare worked so hard to make it a great day, I'm sure that it will be even more so this year!

If you'd like more information, follow the link below to the Facebook event, or email Clare here.

Summer BBQ fundraiser

Thank you for supporting Clare and all the Wirral Waddlers.

Our Superheroes


Just a quick reminder of our very own Superheroes, Martin and Gareth, who are busy training for their sponsored events coming up SOON!! (Too soon, I think they wold say!) If you haven't yet sponsored them on their Just Giving pages, here are the links below. Every pound helps, and goes towards the dogs. Thank you!

Martin's Just Giving Page

Marin is doing the Eden Hall half marathon.

Gareth's Just Giving Page

Gareth is doing the Virgin Cyclone Challenge.

Thank you so much for your support, and thanks boys...we think you're amazing!


The Branch Fun Day, Sunday July 3rd 11 am - Cucklington Village Hall


If you have never been to this Fun don't know what you're missing! The Branch, which is the English Branch of the Basset Hound Club of Wales, runs this event every year, and it is brilliant! This year they have a Wild West theme, so don your cowboy hat, get on your horse and get on down!

Our friend Sue organises this together with her colleagues, and our lovely Mark is on hand to BBQ (and hopefully with his boxes of delicious fudge!) Cucklington is in Somerset, but is also just on the border of Wiltshire and Dorset. It's well worth the journey!

A BBQ lunch, a dog show, a raffle and lots of fun awaits! There is a lovely big field where the dogs can roam, and lots of homemade cakes to keep the humans happy too. Please follow the link below if you'd like more information.

The Branch Fun Day

 Look out for a blog soon on our recent rehomes. Thank you for your continued support.