New hope for Navi


You all know Navi, our 3 year old golden basset hound/cocker spaniel cross. She's been with us for 5 months now, and during that time she has come a very long way.

She suffers with posession and guarding issues, and with training, was making good progress. However, last week, she bit her foster carer. It wasn't a bad injury (as her foster mum kept telling us!) but we needed to move her on, and find a placement where we could get a behaviourist in to work with her. We had no suitable placements within our foster team, and so we contacted many bigger rescues and sanctuaries to ask for help, but none were forthcoming. Navi was rapidly running out of time.

We turned to Sam Bellamy, at The Animal Rescue Auction Group, (TARAG). We know they help so many rescues and sanctuaries and we were hoping they could put us in touch with someone, or give us a few more ideas of places we could try. Sam was a massive help, and put us in touch with Joy at the Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary in Bridport. There, they provide sanctuary for animals that cannot be rehomed. They also have a small number of SOS spaces, where they will take animals and work with them to be rehabilitated and eventually rehomed. Joy has offered Navi a space as an SOS girl, and there she will be given the space, peace and time she needs, whilst neing assessed and rehabilitated. We are providing full back up, and when Navi is ready to be rehomed, we will be rehoming her.

We cannot express how much this means to us, as for Navi was reaching the end of a very sad road. We are firm believers in every dog having the chance, and with Joy's help, we know she is going to have the very best. We have a small emergency budget to cover her boarding and treatment, and with the Christmas Party coming up, she will be the focus of or fundraising efforts. If you'd like to buy raffle tickets to help us, follow this link:

Raffle Time!

Sam at TARAG has written a great blog about her, please pop over to their website and have a read.

Virtual Bricks Save Real Lives

You can also join The Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary on Facebook, by following this link;

The Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary

These SOS spaces are a result of a new facility being built at the sanctuary, and TARAG has publicised their 'Virtual Brick' fundrasing. We will be supporting their work, and we would also ask if you can, to make a donation to these wonderful people. The virtual bricks are just £1, please think of sending one. Without this space, the worst would have happened to Navi, despite all our efforts. You could even buy some bricks for a Christmas present for the animal lover in your family!

You can Paypal to: or through our Paypal here.

Every single brick helps.

We will keep you informed of Navi's progress. Thank you, as always for your support. Please share this blog, so we can get the word out about the Sanctuary's work.