Nelson in need

Here at BRNGB, when we rehome a dog, they become part of our family, and, when a family member is in need, we try and help as much as we can. 

Nelson is in need of our help.

Nelson along with his brother Tibs, was rehomed through us to his new family, Gill and Alan last year. Poor Nelson had a fair few health issues going on, and one of those issues was his ears. A very common problem with bassets, are ears! We know most of you will have had experience with dirty, infected ears, but for the most part, they do get better or become manageable. However, in Nelson's case, the infection is that rather pesky, highly resistant pseudomonas bacteria, which has made the problem even worse.

Here is Nelson's story, from his mum, Gill:

"Nelson was born with Horner's Syndrome, and is therefore partially sighted, as one eye is covered with a third eyelid! We think this simply adds to his charm and character, and what a character he has! He likes to be the boss, and doesn't his little brother Tibs know it! He is stubborn with a capital S, he's clumsy, he snores and he smells like a proper hound dog! He is the most loving dog we have ever had, and by far the funniest. He just brings a constant smile to our faces, or rather, he did...


Due to his awful ear infections and endless antibiotics, Nelson has had an operation to remove his vertical ear canals, sadly, the operation was a waste of time. Nelson's eardrums are perforated and he has a middle ear infection. Nelson now needs a TECA, which is a Total Ear Canal Ablation with ventral bulla osteotomy (removal of bone) which is major surgery. We have been quoted £4,400 without any complications, and we need your help.

Thank You."



Nelson's ear infections were a pre-existing condition, and so are not covered by his insurance, which puts him in a difficult position, because the operation is so very expensive. Gill and Alan need our help.

As part of our family, we always help as much as we can with any of our dogs, if they require it, so there are several things in the pipeline to raise the much needed funds for this operation.

Firstly, we have set up a Just Giving page:

Nelson's Page

You can also text donate to this campaign by texting EARS02 £10 to 70070 which will automatically send your donation to us.


You can donate directly through our website via PayPal (please remember to mark payments "Nelson" and use the Friends and Family option.)

Donate via PayPal

We plan to hold an auction in October on our Facebook page, so please watch out for that, and a couple of people including our own Sam Savage are going to be doing a skydive in March in aid of Nelson, so there are lots of events to come!

Every penny matters, so please help us as part of our family to help Nelson. Let's help get him back to the beautiful boy he was, so his brother has his funny companion back!

Thank you. Please share this as far as you can.