Molly's Story

As most of you have seen over the last few days, with all the photos and videos of our fabulous Christmas Party, we do love having fun! It's great to meet all our lovely friends and supporters and enjoy an afternoon of laughter and happiness.

But there is a very real sad side to the work that we do, and one that keeps us awake at night, worrying and fearing the worst. We don't often show it, but there are times that we need to. This is one of those times.

We need to share a story with you.

This is Molly.


Molly came to us in August. She is 8 years old.
She was used for breeding, and was then sold on at 4 years old.


Molly was suffering with severe separation anxiety, and was living outdoors.
Molly had bursting cysts, claws growing into her pads on her paws, horrendous teeth and needed spaying, vaccinating and treatment for flea and worms.


Her first vet visit told us that she was probably deaf due to long term swelling in her ears, due to untreated infections. Her lumps were biopsied, and as well as sebaceous cysts, the vet also diagnosed a cancerous mammory tumour.
Her teeth were poor because they had not grown properly, due to a bad diet. A ful dental was required under anaesthetic.
Molly was in a bad way.


With the dedication of her foster mummies, Gabby and Jen, and the team behind them, it has taken us a full four months of treatment to get Molly back to full health, and although she will always have health concerns, she is a happy and loving dog. Gabby and Jen are currently in the process of adopting her, so she will never, ever be abandoned by anyone again.



Currently, Molly’s bills are hitting the £1,700 mark.
Her adoption fee is £80.
That’s a shortfall of £1,620.

And Molly is just one of our dogs.

Which means that, plain and simple, is the reason we are asking you to spend £5 of your hard earned money to buy a raffle ticket.
We cannot carry on helping basset hounds like Molly without funds.

Please consider joining in our raffle. You can win a holiday, a personalised handmade dog bowl, a portrait painted of your pet and a cuddly toy!
But more than that, you will know that you will have helped heal a dog like Molly.
That’s the best Christmas present you can give.

Details of how to enter our raffle can be found following the link below, with all the information of the amazing prizes on offer.

Christmas Raffle

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Merry Christmas to you all.