March Madness!

So here we are in March, Easter is nearly upon us, with April ready to pounce! It's been a really busy Winter for us, and the Spring isn't showing any signs of slowing down either! We have just take on hound number 140! Here's a little round up of what's been going on.

Navi Update


We promised you further news about how our gorgeous little Navi is getting on in her new life in Cornwall. We are really pleased to be able to tell you that she is settling in brilliantly with her new Mum, Shirley and David! Their daughter, Anne, got in touch with us after seeing her in The Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary where she went for her rehabilitation, and reading our blogs about her. Anne got in touch as she thought Navi would be perfect for her Mum and Dad.

Anne was right!

Navi is thriving, is having the most wonderful time in her new home! Here are some snippets from the email we received last week from Anne.

"On the first night Mum and Dad took her out into the kitchen, where her basket is kept, settled her in and didn't hear a peep out of her until the following morning, when Dad took her out for a wee at 07:30. They didn't hear her cry or whimper once! In fact Dad woke her up when he opened the kitchen door in the morning to check that she was ok.

She greets everyone with her Navi "hug and kisses" which we all find so amusing - you haven't had a doggy cuddle til you've had a Navi cuddle!!! She has also enjoyed getting to explore her new surroundings with walks to the park, donkey sanctuary (very interesting smells there you know) and through the Cornish lanes where Mum and Dad live.

We are all sticking to Joy's training plan and are able to take toys away from her with no issues and she is given a nice treat as a reward for sharing. No furry toys though, we think it best to stick with ropes and balls and hard chewy toys. She is also fed at the same time and place each day and her bowl removed when she has finished as Joy advised.

We just wanted to re-assure you, that she is doing incredibly well and is a very special little girl who has already found her way into all our hearts."
Now I have to say, when we all read that, there wasn't a dry eye between us! This was a dog who was destined to be put to sleep unless we could come up with a plan to save her. I know we keep on about the marvellous work Joy and her team do at the Sanctuary, but if this isn't a wonderful endorsement of the work that they do, and a perfect place for you to send any spare change, we don't know what is!
If you haven't yet, please take a look at their website, our good friend Sam Bellamy (who put us in touch with Joy) is working so hard on it, and it's also been built by our own fabulous website guru, Jeff Slough.

Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary 

Hopefully, Anne has promised to send us some pictures when she can, so we'll post them as soon as we can.
Thank you to all of you who supported Navi and us on her journey, in particular, Theresa Murray, Susan Land and Clare Hodgson.

Clare and Paul do CHAINRUNNER!

Yesterday, somewhere in the grey, cloudy, damp North West of England, something incredible happened. Our wonderful friends, Clare and Paul Hodgson, fosterers extraordinaire...completed the gruelling Chainrunner event together! 

Their efforts raised a massive £410 for us at BRNGB (at the last count this morning) which is an incredible amount!

What makes this more amazing is that Clare and Paul aren't big fans of running...Clare has also been really unwell the last two weeks and we wouldn't have been surprised if she had cancelled..but NO! They ploughed on, and we have the photos to prove it! We are so very proud to call them our friends, we think you'll agree what they achieved is pretty fantastic. 



You can still donate through their GoFundMe page if you are inspired to do so! 


As an extra snippet...whilst Clare and Paul were getting down and dirty...we were transporting their latest foster hound to them! 

Clare and Paul, we love you...get some basset snuggles and a box of Deep Heat!!


Recently Adopted

Here's some photos of our latest recent adoptions, they'll be added to Success Stories soon.



Bella has been adopted by Joanna and her family.



Louie has been adopted by Judith and her family.



Bessie has been adopted by Sally and her family.



Herbert has been adopted by Jane and her family.  



Bella has been adopted by Sherran and her family.

Thank you to all our fosterers, transporters, and homecheckers for making these adoptions happen.

We have welcomed Dylan, Stanley, Marvin and Oscar into foster over the last few weeks, keep your eyes peeled for their blogs coming up soon.

Help Needed!

Do you have a talent in crafting? Can you knit, sew, paint, make cards, bake, or just fancy having a go? We have some great events coming up in the Summer, and we need items to sell on our stalls! If you could help in any way, please contact Gillian, our fundraising co-ordinator on or get in touch with us here.

Also, we are looking for a perfect venue to hold our Christmas Party in this year! (Yes...we know it's only March, but these places get booked up quickly for Christmas events. If you know of a hall that will take dogs and will fit around 100 people, preferably with an enclosed garden area, contact Gillian on the above email. We do like to move the venue around the country as much as we can so that you all have a better chance of coming.


Basset Walks

Many of you like to get going with group walks, so if you haven't already joined, please pop over to our Facebook group, 'Basset Walks and Fun Days UK'

It's full of contacts to meet up for scheduled walks or ideas to start your own, and Spring is a perfect time to organise one after the long wet Winter! You can also share your event there and post pictures of it for us all to see!

Basset Walks and Fun Days UK


We wish you all a very "Happy Easter"""...don't forget to keep those eggs away from the dogs!!