Last Push for Clare and Paul


Our very good friends and BRNGB supporters, Clare and Paul do their Chain Runner event on Saturday! This is a last call for any sponsorship to these amazing people who are literally putting themselves in chains for us! 

Clare has been suffering from the flu for the last week, and her training has taken a right battering, but has she given up? No way, she's still getting on with it, determined to raise more money so we can carry on rescuing basset hounds! 

Also, Clare and Paul are taking on another foster for us on Saturday afternoon! Now if that doesn't show some dedication we don't know what does!

So, if you have a few extra pounds to hand, please think about donating to their event. You can find the links to their sponsorship below, and also to the original blog post, where you'll discover all about the event they are going to put themselves through!

We're so proud to call them our friends. Please donate if you can. 



Clare and Paul in chains blog


Thank you!! Good luck, Clare and Paul!! 

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