Humphrey's Story

We think it’s time Hound B started using his name, meet Humphrey!

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Humphrey is a 4 and a half year old tri coloured basset hound. He came to us under very very sad and dire circumstances, he was found wandering half starved in a field and ended up in a pound. He stopped eating when he was at the kennels and it became apparent very quickly that kennels were not a place for him. He had started to withdraw and he couldn’t afford to lose any more weight or faith in humanity. We were made aware of him at the very beginning of May and the pound surrendered him to us as his owners could not be located.


Humphrey at the pound

Considering his sad state, he has always had the most loving, happy disposition. He loves nothing more than a cuddle when wrapped in a blanket; but don’t let that fool you, he also loves to play and his heart's desire was to run and play like a basset should and all he could manage was a couple of minutes before his legs gave way.

We placed him with his wonderful foster angel, Susie, weighing in at 17.2 kg on the 4thMay. He didn’t even know how to eat out of a food bowl; there was clearly some emotional work to be undertaken as well as physical. The first weekend he was with Susie, he was rushed to an emergency vet, he was in such a sad way we really didn’t think he would pull through the weekend and we all prepared ourselves for the worst.  The real question at this point in his life was whether he had any fight left in him, he was a skinny, weak, sad little chap. Could he do it, did he have enough will left?

He put up the best fight of his life, and he turned a massive corner, one we were all praying for.

It soon become apparent that Humphrey had some serious issues with both of his front legs; the right one being the worst of the two.  As soon as he was placed into foster he underwent our usual routine vet check where it was discovered he had short ulna bones which in turn made his radius bone extremely bowed. His right foot was constantly turned at 180 degrees; he couldn’t walk far, he couldn’t play, or run, he would have been in constant pain and his future really wasn’t bright. He also has elbow dysplasia in both elbows as well as arthritis in his spine. The vets struggled to X-ray him as they just couldn’t get his leg straight enough.

He needed surgery, and he needed it urgently. Without it, he was facing a sad and painful life, with no playing, walking or running.


Humphrey's leg, pre-op


Pre-op X ray and MRI scan

#coffeeforbassets was launched in May to raise money towards Humphrey’s care, as we knew he was with us for the long haul and a lot of medical treatment would be required. Not only did we have Humphrey to look after, we had another hound that needed urgent care who came to us around the same time, as well as the others that were already in our care.

We were then donated the most amazing prize of a 2 night stay at Elm Grove Country House, so the June raffle was launched, which was an incedible success.

Humphrey underwent his surgery on the 25thJune 2018, and “Robo Humphrey” was born! His surgery alone cost a whopping £2783.69, and that doesn’t include pre op assessments or post op check ups. His vet told us that the surgery had been challenging and a lot more difficult than they expected. He now has an orthopeadic bone plate screwed into his right leg.


Humphrey's surgical X rays

As if by magic, within a week his leg was straight and he weighed in at 18.8kg!

Unfortunately some of the medication made him a little poorly in the tummy department, but within a week the swelling was reduced drastically, and in his mind he was raring to go; unfortunately the body wasn’t as ready.

Humphrey never understood why he couldn’t run or play. He had to sit back and watch the World Cup, even though all he wanted to do was play with his football! He was on crate rest for most of the day and if he wasn’t in the crate he was on a lead so he couldn’t over do it, and he had to be carried upstairs to bed.


 Humphrey on crate rest and a little later, dying to go out!

When he on his walking ban, he managed to sneak a road trip to meet Tracy Slater who was walking the exhausting sponsored Coast to Coast walk in our honour, apparently meeting Humphrey made the sunburn, exhaustion and blisters worth it!


 Meeting Tracy on her walk

Early July he had his vet check, and was given the green light to start walking for 5 minutes three times a day. The vet was over the moon with his progress and couldn’t believe how quickly he was recovering, considering how difficult the surgery had been due to the severe bends in his bones.

He was in his element trotting off down the road. By mid July he was walking for 15 minutes 2 to 3 times a day and loving every single second.

Now, at the beginning of August, he’s weighing a healthy 19.9kg, he is pain free, and the vet has decided no further surgery on his other leg is required as he is coping so well on his bionic leg!


Humphrey at his post-op check, showing his scars and comparison photographs

He has another appointment at the beginning of September to have his final sign off and then it will be all systems go to find his forever family.

People say us girls at BRNGB do all the hard work, but we are just a small cog in the machine that makes BRNGB; without our foster families; our supporters; people donating money; people walking miles up hill and down dale; running through mud; people donating raffle prizes; and you, our basset family, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Humphrey wouldn’t be who he is now without you. Thank you so much for your continued support.