Update on Daisy

We have some news to share with you all about our beautiful Daisy. 

I'm sure that we don't need to remind you that Daisy is not a well little girl, and has heart trouble. When we posted a blog about her a few weeks ago, your response was amazing. We raised over £520, that went directly towards the cost of her Cardiologist appointment and heart scan. 

(You can read the original blog here: http://brngb.com/index.php/brngb-blog/entry/fundraising-for-daisy)

Daisy was seen by the Cardiologist last week, and had the heart scan that was so desperately needed. The results weren't brilliant, but also had a lot of positives. Daisy has leaky heart valves, murmurs, erratic beats...but the good news is that she isn't showing symptoms at the moment, and, when she does start to show them, there are medications available that will hopefully help. She will eventually go into heart failure, we know that, and the question is, when? Well, the vet has said between 1 to 3 years, more likely to be within the year, but he simply can't say for definite. The medication will then, hopefully, slow down the descent into heart failure, and lessen the symptoms, so her quality of life will still be good. 

The scab that was on her back has reduced in size (after some tender nuzzling by foster brother, Bertie!) and has also been checked and concluded to be benign. It certainly doesn't bother her. Whether we will go ahead with the surgery to remove it will be discussed in time, as we don't want to put her through any unnescessary procedures, especially regarding anaesthesia.

She has put on a little weight and her coat is looking soft and glossy, she's not shedding in clumps anymore. She is a happy little thing, her eyes are bright and clear and she loves her walks.

Lisa and Paul have been amazing foster parents, we simply cannot thank them enough for helping this beautiful girl. 

So, after all the investigations have been carried out...now we know what's wrong, what next for Daisy?

Well, today we can share with you that Daisy is going off to Wales to live a peaceful life by the seaside with Louise's mum and stepdad, Liz and Jeff. You may remember another special dog, Fudge, who Liz and Jeff adopted, but sadly died suddenly from a brain tumour. 

Liz and Jeff are taking Daisy as a long term foster, as we are taking her health issues on as our responsibility. She will get whatever she needs medically from us, and we know that Liz and Jeff will look after her very well indeed! She will have a quiet, gentle, peaceful life, living in a gorgeous area, right next to the park and near to the seaside.  It's lovely for us that she stays so close to the BRNGB famly so we can all keep an eye on her!

We are so pleased that we know she will be safe and sound for the rest of her life, however long it may be. 

Thank you all so much for your interest in this very special girl. We know she is going to feature an awful lot in our fundraising, as the diagnostics were just one step, but we know with your support, we won't let her down, and we promise to keep you all informed of her progress.

 Eazyshows on Facebook are running this month's competition in aid of Daisy, you can join in the fun here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/eazyshows/

Our friend Paula is holding a Garden Party in May for Daisy, you can find out about it here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1551079745156136/

Thank you, from us all at BRNGB, but especially from Daisy.


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