Hounds in Need

Hounds in Need

We have some serious fundraising business to attend to, and when you read these stories, you will understand why. The next three dogs are some of the neediest hounds we've ever had here at Basset Rescue Network, and many tears have been shed over them. Their needs are plentiful, and complex, which is why we need your help to get them healthy once more.

Some of the photos below are graphic, but we make no aplogy for them, as we need to share with how important our work is.

We have a fantastic raffle starting TONIGHT, Sunday 18th November, and you won't want to miss out, so without further ado, let's get to the hounds...

Meet Archie.


Archie was surrendered to us last weekend, and to say he was in the most heart breaking condition would be an understatement.

Archie is around 9 years old and has lived outside all his life as a stud dog.

As usual, as soon as a hound reaches their foster home they have a vet check up. At Archie’s first check up various issues were noted (albeit most were painfully apparent as soon as we saw the poor boy!) Not chipped; not neutered; nails in dire need of clipping; castration required; basic flea and tick treatment required; kennel cough required - all standard things right?

THEN:- A serious heart murmur was discovered; a potential bone deformity in his leg, serious nasty infection in his ears, a mouth full of rotten, puss filled infected teeth.


Archie has already had the 12 teeth extracted that were causing him so much pain and infection. Whilst he was under sedation his ears were thoroughly cleaned and treated, although further treatment will be required.

As for the heart murmur and potential leg issues, investigations are still ongoing.

BUT, Archie loves his foster family, and is beginning to understand what living inside means and how to integrate into a loving family environment. His personality is beginning to come through and he is a loving, playful boy.


His wonderful foster family are teaching him food time is not a free for all and he doesn’t need to rush to get his fill, that he will always have a meal and will always be loved and have a place to rest his head, with a kind hand to stroke his past away.

The vet bill so far for this boy is £800, but we are sure you will agree, he’s worth EVERY penny!

Now we all adore a golden oldie, don't we? So how about two?

Now let me introduce you to Tilly (tri-colour) and Fudge (lemon) who are also beneficiaries for this month’s raffle. These two are a very much bonded pair so it’s only right to write about them together.


Fudge is around 7-8 years old and is very protective over Tilly who is around 9-10 years old. They were surrendered to us in March this year and have joined our gang of long term fosters whilst we get to the bottom of their health issues.

When Fudge came to us it was apparent there was an issue with his ears, his teeth weren’t too pretty either, he had the usual basset lumps and bumps, more worryingly were his eyes, which looked like his eyelashes were rubbing causing ulcers in both of his eyes.

Tilly bless her, was a little on the “cuddly” side and struggled to waddle far, with nasty looking tartar build up on her teeth. She has potentially had puppies in the past although we have no veterinary record of this. Tilly was suffering with a distended tummy which needed investigating, she was clearly in pain which could be the reason she was not moving much, so pain relief was prescribed. She also has a heart murmur and a cyst on one of her mammary glands.


It transpired that Fudge had entropian in both his eyes which will require surgery, the estimate for this is £750.00.. He also had a very nasty pseudomonas infection in one ear and yeast infection in the other as well as poor skin quality. Both Fudge’s ears and teeth were treated by the vet, he’s had his dental work done and his ears are clearing up a treat.


The investigations into Tilly’s tummy were and continue to be conducted by way of scans, blood tests, and numerous discussions with the vets. Right now the verdict is still out, she has an enlarged liver, her gall bladder is full of “gunge”, high protein count in her urine, potential Cushings disease and/or a thyroid problem, investigations are still continuing and we will get to the bottom of this.

Basically these two gems are very complex, as soon as we get to the bottom of one thing another raises its head.

All in all, in the region of £1600.00 has been spent at the vets so far with these two loveable waddlers, dental work, ear treatments, skin treatments, scans, blood tests, more scans and investigations.

Tilly and Fudge are loving life in Scotland, have settled very well and are incredibly happy and loved by their foster family. Despite everything they have and are going through they are always happy and wagging their tails. They enjoy a leisurely waddle through the local countryside. Tilly hates being away from Fudge so much she was evicted from the vets for singing constantly after her scan!

They really are a wonderful pair, who will live out their golden years in Scotland under our care, thank you so much to their foster family for opening their home and hearts to these two.

We don’t turn away hounds if they are old, young, fit, unfit, we will help every hound that needs us.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our transporters and foster carers who have helped these three get to a safe place.

So this is where you come in, our wonderful supporters! As always we can’t help these beautiful bassets without your support.

Please buy a ticket so we can keep on supporting Tilly, Fudge and Archie, plus all the others in and coming into our care.

The raffle prize has been donated by the lovely Jackie James in memory of her two beautiful girls Rosie and Ruby who have sadly crossed the bridge. Jackie has continued to be a friend, a supporter and a transporter for us and has made this superb hamper raffle prize with goodies totalling over £150!


Tickets are available for £10 each, you can purchase these via Paypal at payments@brngb.org.uk (please use the 'Friends and Family option'!!!) and please reference your payment as 'Emergency Vet Fund'

Tickets available until Sunday December 2nd - the winning number will be revealed at 8pm!

Good luck, and thank you all for your continued support!