Goose fat, Gareth?

We've had some fabulous friends do some wonderful fundraising escapades for the hounds here at BRNGB, but never have we had anyone fling themselves into the sea on New Year's Day before!

Gareth Williams, who is dad to 3 hounds, Horatio, Delilah and our very own Barley who they recently adopted, plans to go to Tynemouth, on the Northumberland coast, and take a dip in the North Sea!

He's also got his family in on the act, with his children joining in too!

You can sponsor Gareth via his 'Crowdfunding' page on the link below, and suport him in his efforts to get very cold and wet all in aid of the Bassets!

Gareth's Crowdfunding Page

Gareth is aiming to raise £200 for us, and has already reached over £150, so if you could please dig deep and sponsor him, that would be amazing! He's also promised to post a video of himself after the to watch with a hot cup of tea I think!

Gareth, we wish you and your family all the luck in the world for tomorrow, thank you so much for choosing us! 

Now, where's that goosefat....

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