Gillian and Jill turn mud into money!


Last Sunday, September 4th, saw our very own Gillian and our great friend and supporter (and multiple adopter) Jill brave the elements in the Wolf Run at Leamington Spa! They have raised a massive total of £455, which is still rising as we speak! What a wonderful amount to raise! Here is Gillian's account of the day;

"After a random conversation during a BRNGB car boot sale back in April, Jill Herbert and Sam Savage managed to convince the very unfit me that I was capable of completing a 10k obstacle course, and, until two days before the event, I believed them! Then the pictures of the event started to emerge on Facebook - my stomach knotted up and my legs turned to lead - I'm 46 years old, for goodness sake and I have had a hip replacement - what on earth was I thinking? Anyway, the entry fee was now paid, the basset costume lovingly created, and the donations from friends and family were coming in thick and fast, suddenly it's the day of the race and Jill is knocking on my door - Leamington Spa Autumn Wolf Run is actually happening!

After much reassurance form Jill and the lovely Sam Savage, who was also taking part that day with her work crew, there was no turning back, we were arriving at the site - Jill was really excited, me not so sure - the cars, the crowds, the huge starting line and the first obstacle looming like a colossus in the distance... Yikes!

The only thing that stopped me from running for the hills was the fact that Jill had done this before, so I decided to take her very sensible advice to just breathe and think of the bassets! I really needn't have worried...we were the stars of the warm up because of our fab fancy dress - Jill as the Fairy Dog Mother, complete with tutu, multi-coloured hair ribbons and wings, and me with my felty basset ears and tail and full face make up - what a couple of berties!

Within minutes, we were covered in mud and dragged ourselves over logs, tyres, cargo nets...we trudged through the woods, swamps and bogs, up and down hills, completing 30 obstacles in a very respectable two and a half hours. Jill even managed a full emersion in a tunnel of muddy water and came out looking like a swamp monster with pretty fairy wings!

I must pay tribute to Jill, without whom I would never have attempted or completed this course, she boosted, hoisted and dragged me round, when I thought I could never have done it! Thanks to Sam Savage who was there with her trusty camera to take all of those embarrassing photos! But most of all, thank you to all of our supporters who donated their cash. We are currently at £455, which is an amazing amount. And whilst I think I will leave the Just Giving page open for as long as I am finding mud in unmentionable places, I hope you have enjoyed my adventure as much as I have - and who knows, I think I hear the Summer Wolf Run calling......."

Well done to the both of you, we are so proud to be able to call you our friends. You're an absolute inspiration!

If you'd like to make a donation to the Just Giving page, please follow the link below:

Gillian's Just Giving Page

Thank you.


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