Fundraising for Daisy

NMeet Daisy.

Daisy is 6. She's a beautiful red and white basset hound. She is of a really gentle dispositon. She's given birth to two litters. She's a little scared of balloons and fireworks. 

We picked her up yesterday, and, as per usual, got her into the vets today for a check up. 

We knew she needed spaying. 

We also found out yesterday that she had a rather large, crusty cyst on her back, which we knew straight away needed attending to. She also needs re-vaccinating. 

What we didn't know was that Daisy has a bad heart. She has an erratic heart beat with a heart murmur. The vet thinks it could be Cardiomyopathy.

The vet will not operate on her until the heart has been investigated. She needs an x ray and an ECG now, plus there is a likelihood of a heart scan after that. She will probably be on medication for the rest of her life. 

We won't let her down. She's a BRN girl now, and she will want for nothing. 

So, we have a favour to ask. 

We would like to raise £250 to pay for Daisy's heart investigations. 

If you could donate to us, if you could manage just a pound, it would make such a massive difference. We promise to keep you informed of her progress, and to let you know how she's doing. 

Together, we can make Daisy's health improve, so a perfect home can be found for her.

She needs us.

You can donate via the website here

Thank you.




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