Foster homes needed!


Very often, when the BRNGB girls are together, we find ourselves amazed at how far we have come, and how quickly we have grown. We are always most thankful to our foster carers, as they are the most vital part of doing what we do, rescue and rehome vulnerable hounds.




We are experiencing a very high volume of hounds coming through our doors lately, and we need to increase our fostering team, which is why we are blogging today. We cannot help every dog that comes through our doors if we don't expand our amazing and dedicated foster carers.

You may or may not have thought about fostering, we hope we can encourage you to think a little bit more about joining our team. The benefits of fostering are many, particularly the joy you feel when you have successfully rehomed a dog. (Even though we all have a good cry afterwards!)




Fostering really forms the backbone of what we do. We use foster homes to provide a healthy atmosphere for the hound to thrive. Being in a foster home allows us to assess the personality and traits of the dog, which enables us to find the perfect match of forever home. We try to make the fostering experience a really enjoyable experience for all involved.

Here's what we can offer you if you become a fosterer with us:

  • Access to our Foster Forum, a place where you can share pictures and stories of your foster hounds with other foster carers. You can also ask for advice for any issues you may have with your foster dog. It's totally confidential, we are all there to help and support each other.
  • Fostering packs to help you with your hound.
  • Be a part of the team, we have a lot of fun as well, with basset walks and fundraising events around the country. You'll get a real sense of achievement too.

Unfortunately, we can't offer you money, we are all volunteers and none of us get paid, but we certainly don't expect you to buy things you need out of your own pocket. We also offer fuel allowance if you have to transport your foster dog from or to its home.



To be a foster carer, all you have to do is apply via our website, following the link below. We cannot have foster carers who have children under 5, just like our adoption policy, as we can never guarantee the history of the hound. You'll also have to have a home check, to check your house is safe and secure for a foster dog. We'd like you to have had lots of experience with hounds, and a really robust attitude to life!  You don't have to have a dog either, sometimes we are looking for dog free homes. A sense of humour is invaluable too, as we know the breed and its foibles all to well! 

Foster Application

Fostering can save lives, will you help us save lives today?


Rescue Dog Poem

A rescue dog will have a tale to tell,
It may be sad, or of a life of hell,
It may be a story of a once loved pup,
Who found herself homeless when a marriage broke up.


Or a faithful companion, who's owner's passed on,
And the poor little dog doesn't know where they've gone.
Or of a dog that's been beaten, never had the chance to 'live'
And yet gain his trust - he'll have so much love to give.


Some rescue dogs may be quite old
Just beed a nice home, out of the cold,
Aware cozy bed, for weary old bones,
No dog should spend it's last days on his own.


Rescue dogs can be misunderstood
Often seemed as damaged goods,
But a pre-owned dog has much to offer,
And compared to a pup can be far less bother.


A rescue dog may not know how to play,
But a little bit of kindness should show them the way,
Some rescue dogs have great credentials,
Others show promise and heaps of potentials.


Some need guidance, to learn how to trust,
For others, some training will be a must,
But what you put in, you'll get back tenfold,
Loyal friend with a heart of gold.


He may be pure cross or mixed breed,
But one things for sure - he'll be in need
Of a loving home, a new mum or dad
Surely with this, he'll stop being so sad.


 A rescue dog is a breed apart, 
Please find space for one in your heart.


Karen Folkes - 2009


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