Foster dogs and friendships

Even thought the weather doesn't seem to be playing nicely at the moment, we hope you are all well and getting out and about. Hopefully it will change for the better soon, we certainly hope so, we have lots of fun things to do over the next few weeks, as you'll soon see! 

Dogs in...

We have some lovely hounds in our foster system at the moment, take a look at these beauties...



Manny is in foster with Sam in Newport. He's just been neutered and is behaving impeccably! 



The utterly gorgeous Elvis is in foster in Hampshire with Colette. His eyes make me all gooey! Colette tells us he's settled beautifully.



This gorgeous lad is in foster in Manchester with Tom. He's doing well too!



We met Mabel in Barry's party a few weeks ago, and she is absolutely stunning! She's been spayed and is waiting for the all clear from a little operation on her eye. She's in foster with Louise in Yorkshire.



Doug's applications have just been closed and we are now going through them to shortlist for home checks.

I'm sure you noticed that we have an Elvis and a Presley! We thought someone was winding us up when we were contacted about them within a few days of each other! It did make us all laugh!

Paula's Summer Party


After last year's success, we are all looking forward to getting together again in Oxfordshire! This year, Paula and Gillian have been chatting and we are going to offer this event as ticketed...but...this will entitle you to a hot lunch! Paula is going to do jacket potatoes or pasta with lots of lovely cake to follow! There will be a waddle and a raffle too! Please follow the link below for more details and if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact Gillian on

Summer Party

Basset Olympics

We are getting very excited for the Basset Olympic Games, to be held in Wiltshire! I'm told by Sam M she has some great ideas for the events, so whatever they are, it's going to be a hilarious party you will not want to miss! More details coming soon!

Basset Olympics

Tough Mudder Siobhan!

Our lovely friend and supporter Siobhan is doing a Tough Mudder course in August for us! Siobhan (aka Chevvers Martin on Facebook) is part of the Yorkshire Basset hound walking group and we know she'll have lots of support for this event! She's off to then gym doing all sorts in preparation for it! Please have a read of her story and support her if you can. Thank you.

Siobhan's Story

Wirral Waddlers at the Summer BBQ

Don't forget for all you north west supporters that the Summer fun day is on this Saturday! Please follow the link below for further information! This is a really lovely event you shouldn't miss if you are in the area! Or even if you aren't, our lovely Sam M is driving up from South Wales! We hope you all have a great time!

Summer Fun Day and BBQ

Barry's Party

The AMAZING Barry raised £527.05 at his party! That is a truly wonderful amount, we cannot thank all who took part in this event enough!


Sam S and Louise had an amazing time there, and when Demi posted this total we were blown away! How generous you have all been. We are truly humbled by your friendship and your generosity. Thank you so very much.

Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary Auction


Our friends at the Burkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary (BSAS) are having an auction to rise funds to continue their renovation works. They are doing brilliantly, but as always in animal rescue, they need more funds. Please pop over to their Facebook page following the link below. Also, have a read of their latest blog, written by friend of BRNGB Sam Bellamy, the work they are doing is pretty amazing. They are close to our heart for many reasons, we love and support what they do, plus of course, they have helped us out with Navi and Dylan, as well as a few others. Joy is always at the end of the telephone for advice. If you have some spare pennies, please support them. Thank you.

Big Summer Auction


We really hope over the next few months that we will meet lots of you through the events and waddles around the country! Until then, take care of yourselves and your hounds!