Exciting happenings!!

We are having a REALLY exciting time here at BRNGB at the moment!

It's all a bit 'full throttle!' There is so much to tell you, it's hard to know where to start, so here goes....



We are delighted to announce that The Animal Rescue Auction Group (TARAG) have named us as this month's auction beneficiaries! Now, if you have never heard of them, let us fill you in a little bit. They are a wonderful group of people, who organise monthly auctions on Facebook. They have a long waiting list of rescues just like ours, who really need and rely on any extra funding that they can. The premise is a simple one, they ask their members if they have anything to donate. The items donated range from handmade keyrings, cakes, clothes, toiletries etc, right the way up to holidays! Other members of the group then bid on the items they like, and when the auction is over, they pay through PayPal and the donator is contacted for the address of the winner! It sounds far more complicated than it actually is, please pop over to their wonderful website: TARAG.co.uk or their Facebook page here TARAG Facebook page

At the moment, items are being uploaded for our auction, the auction itself will run from May 28th finishing at 7:30pm on June 4th. You will need to join the TARAG Facebook group to take part.

We have been on the waiting list for TARAG for nearly 2 years now, so we hope you can appreciate how thrilled we are that we have finally been chosen. We would ask that you all support us in this, have a rummage through your drawers and cupboards, your wardrobes and garages! Even if you don't think you have anything worth donating, have a look at some of the items up for auction, you'll be surprised! If you would like to get in touch with us regarding this auction, then message us here. However, it may be best if you ask TARAG admin your question on their pages, as they are far better than us at explaining how they work!

Thank you, as always for your support. Hopefully we'll be able to give you a wonderful total in the next blog. 


Not long now before we descend on Fonmon Castle Showground for our first attempt at a stall at an event! We are so excited! (and nervous!)

The fun day is to be held on Monday 25th May, (Spring Bank Holiday) and it looks like being a spectacular day out for the whole family! The event details are in our calendar, follow this link for all the info: Dog and Family fun day info

Please come and join us if you can! 



Following on from the success of our Basset takeover in March, Hannah has provisionally booked for us to do it all again on Saturday, August 8th. More details as we get them, but if you're in the Cardiff area, put it in your diary! We had a fabulous time in March, and lots of you said you'd love to come to the next one, so here's your chance! Hope to see you there!



Look at lovely Fred! He is a wonderful 5 year old tricolour who has recently been adopted by the lovely Dan in Stockton. 



He has settled in so well, it's like him and Dan were made for each other (which we secretly think they were!) We do love a happy story where all the pieces just seem to slot together nicely, and this is just the sort! We know Dan and Fred will have a wonderful life together, full of houndy adventures! 



Now these two ladies have been very lucky indeed. Having to be rehomed when their owner found himself homeless, they were taken into foster by the lovely Lynne in Cambridgeshire. (We are pleased to say that things have woked out very well for their previous owner, thankfully.) Freda and Mabel were both spayed, and recovered well. They have found their forever home by the seaside near Brighton with the lovely Paul and Claire. How lucky are they? If you are off on a jolly to Brighton this summer, and you see a pair of ladies taking in the sea air along the pier....ask if they are Freda and Mabel!




Daisy is doing well, she goes back to the vets for a checkup this week. According to Liz and Jeff, she is a hilarious little diva! She's coped really well with her season, and we are all looking forward to seeing her on the bank holiday weekend at the Dog and Family funday.  

Here is the latest picture, she's wearing her new pink mac to brave the Welsh weather! Doesn't she look great?



So, with a really busy few weeks ahead, we wish you all lots of houndy fun, and hope to catch up with some of you soon!