Comings and goings...

We hope you and your families have had a happy and healthy start to 2016. 

What awful weather have we been having? Constant rain and muddy paws, we are all fed up of mopping! Hopefully you have all come through the recent storms with all your fences intact!

We've been really busy this last month or so, with lots of dogs coming in. In one weekend alone we took in 7 dogs! As always, our amazing team of fosterers and transporters rose to the occasion and we were able to get them all in to foster homes quickly. about an update of all the recent rehomes?



 The very handsome Barley has been adopted by Gareth and his family in the North East. He's settling very well with his 2 basset siblings!

Benji and Winter


Benji and Winter were originally adopted to Jo, but unfortunately had to be returned following some unexpected events that were no fault of their own. However, Gary from the North East got in touch really quickly and they have been successfully rehomed with their new brother, Murphy!



Beau came to our Christmas Party as a foster and left as an adopted hound, by the wonderful Lorna and her family! He now lives on a farm in South Wales and is having great fun with his basset sister, Flash!



Buddie was rehomed to Sarah and Bob in Bradford, and has settled very well.



Gorgeous Phoebe came into foster in Hampshire, and has recently been rehomed to live the country life in Devon. 



Lovely Lady, our beautiful older lady, has gone to live with Gay as her forever foster mummy.  



Little boy Dylan has found his place on the sofa with Val and Cliff in Northampton! We know he's doing brilliantly and has settled ever so well!



Ruby was rehomed to be a wonderful companion to Nigel. She's such a gorgeous girl, we know she's going to have a lovely life in East Sussex. 



Navi is still with Joy at the Birkett-Smith Animal Sanctuary in Devon, and her rehabilitation is going brilliantly! So brilliantly that Joy says she will be ready to be fostered within the next few weeks! She has made exceptional progress whilst she's been at the Sanctuary, she's even made a best friend, Keisha!


We are so proud of her. We'll keep you all informed of her progress. 

Meanwhile at the Animal Sanctuary, they are struggling with flooding, with all this constant rain and frequent storms. They have started a 'Big Build' project to expand the SOS havens (where Navi is) and also make the areas multi purpose. They also intend to add a wash room, an isolation unit and treatment areas, and their aim is to fundraise a total of £100,000. This is a massive amount, they will need all the help they can get. We are proud to support the work the do at the sanctuary, they offered hope to Navi when there was none, and for that we will always be eternally grateful.

Find out all about it following the link below, and if you can help in any way, please do!!

The Big Build

They have also got a fabulous new website where you can keep up to date with all the goings on at the sanctuary, pop over and take a look!

The Birkett Smith Animal Sanctuary


Gareth's New Year Dip

Our wonderful supporter Gareth dunked himself in the sea on the North East Coast on New Year's Day...all in aid of the hounds at BRNGB! He made a whopping total of £285...which is utterly amazing. Apparently he's off thinking up some more weird and wonderful things to do next, so we'll keep you posted! Gareth, you're mad, but thank you so very much from us all!


Clare and Paul in Chains

Clare and Paul are training hard for their sponsored event in March! If you want to know all they are up to for the hounds at BRNGB then follow the link below to their original blog post, where you'll find all the details! Plese support them if you can!

Clare and Paul in Chains


We have lots of events in the planning for the spring and summer, keep your eyes on the website and we hope to see some of you very soon. As always, thank you for your continued support.